What should we do with the metal fatigue of parents?

What should we do with the metal fatigue of parents?

In the past few days, the Spectator Index published statistics about education.

This time, the quality on the education system was measured instead of the success of the students or their grades in mathematics. At the top of the list comes Switzerland followed respectively by Singapore, Finland and the United States. England is ranked 22nd,

France 40th, Russia 64th and Turkey is 101st. This is quite a serious problem.

Meanwhile, the Transition from Primary to Secondary Education (TEOG) exam is being annulled in Turkey, and the situation of the coming system is unclear.

Both school grades and a classic exam with open-ended questions will be evaluated in the new system.

Surely, every school can inflate grades in order to place their students in better schools. This is one suspicion. Some teachers can make subjective evaluations for this or that reason. This raises a question mark. Even the evaluation of open-ended questions can differ from teacher to teacher. Who will grade which student’s answer according to what is a bit blurry.

When we add the years of scandals involving stolen test questions, some of the recent staffing in the national education system and the appointing of teachers through interviews with blurriness, question marks, fuzzy situations, possibilities of subjectivity and the uncertainty that comes with the frequently changing system, do you know you know what you get?

I do not know if the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) organizations have it or not but parents have the real metal fatigue!

They and the students are fed up with these things. For once, the government must organize a well-planned, clear, subjective, equal, indisputable, strong, quality system created by common sense, which is necessary for the metal detox!

This is even more necessary to evaluate the generation’s potential and for our future!

The heaviest penalty for those who attack women with or without a headscarf

I want the psychopath who hit a woman for accidentally bumping into him in the street in the neighborhood of Ataşehir in Istanbul to receive the best punishment.

I do not want any forgiveness, lightening of punishment or tolerance shown to those so-called men who attack, harass, or verbally abuse women wearing shorts, headscarves, blue jeans, swimsuits, burkas or bowler hats, but for all of them to be punished until the day all women dressed in the way they want can walk on the street they wish alone at any hour.

Furthermore, do you know what I want most? If it is possible, let’s put the person who kicked a girl in shorts on a public bus, the person who attacked a woman with a sword during the Gezi Park protests in 2013 and the person who hit a university student for wearing shorts on a minibus in Pendik and so forth all in the same mental hospital ward.

Let’s see who will smash whose face in first.

Whether contemporary-clothed women or headscarved women, we are beautiful side by side

This sentence is half-stolen and half-adopted from a video on social media prepared by two friends.

Actress Eylül Öztürk Özkan, or @eylulonline, along with her friend Esma, with the nickname @kaptandenizkizi, made a sweet rap video together, where one is seen in a headscarf and the other in shorts. It has lyrics that will warm your soul.

I have shared it on my Instagram account with great pleasure. I hope it makes all the separatists who feed off polarization lose their sleep.

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