The translation of natural events

The translation of natural events

That wretched, merciful, enduring, whiny Mother Nature saying, “Do not hurt me” is gone. Human beings have begun to wake up. From now on, there is a rowdy, menacing, totally new image of Mother Nature before us saying, “This place belongs to me. I will finish you off and pour myself a cup of tea afterwards.” Yes, finally! We have deserved it!

What happened? You were scared last Thursday, weren’t you? It suddenly began pouring whiskey ice from the sky, right? We have not seen hail on this scale, have we? When the flash flood started in the city within 10 minutes, we started to realize, didn’t we?

Immediately, magnificent documentary films speaking on behalf of nature and the oceans preaching to humanity began to spread.

For example, the ocean speaks. “I am the ocean. I give you life but I also know how to take it away from you. I was before you and I will be after you,” it says.
Nature came to life in another one voiced by Julia Roberts. Mother Nature says, “I have fed bigger species than you and I have starved the bigger species, the forest is mine, the stream is mine and your behavior will determine your destiny, not mine.” 

I am so happy that the bitter truth is understood.

I was really annoyed that nature was being perceived as a continuously weakening poor-fellow which we keep hurting.

Finally, nature changed her attitude and image. From now on, this is how she performs according to our perception, “I can finish you all.” She threatens with, “I can petrify you all.”

That old concept of a tender and compassionate “Mother Nature” is falling to pieces. I always thought that it was a far too merciful, desperate character. It was almost like someone crying, hitting her chest and saying, “I have given you so much, is that what I get from you!” In fact, nature is not like this. Nature makes humans behave. You cannot make jokes with nature. Nature makes the rules, you obey! “As long as you live under this sky, you will live according to my rules,” says nature. It is more like an extremely tough, bossy father.

Much tougher than a father, nature is more like a mafia leader, rowdy! You need to be nice to nature.

This new image eventually perceived by everyone is more real! A malicious side of nature has emerged; she has the potential to use bad language when she gets angry!

As a scenario writer, I would have liked to write her a monologue. I would like her to speak much tougher, more threatening than the documentary films I have talked about. I guess she would say things like these: “Who are you? At the end of the day, you are all poor, 1.50-meter-long beings, so weak you can die if a stone falls on your head; unconscious about the fact that you are destroying yourselves, thinking that money and concrete are strong! You are stupid! On top of that, you think I am the one who is stupid; you think you can buy and sell me. I am everything! I rule everything. You have gone too far. Do not! We have warned you so many times, you have not understood a thing. At the end of the day, you are a tiny piece of me; your absence would not even be noticed. Imagine cutting your hair infested with lice. Have you given it a thought? There you are! You are only such a piece of me that can be cut and thrown away. I can cut you, throw you away and continue my life afterwards. You would lose in the end.”

We are aware that we have created a monster by teasing, damaging, pushing and shoving her for many centuries. Mother Nature no longer says, “You hurt me.” She threatens us by saying, “I can upset you.”

If it is necessary to translate her behavior in recent years, she says in the mafia-style, “Beware, pull your manners together.”

I almost heard something like this last Thursday, when the hail was hitting the windows: “Come on, today is your lucky day, I forgive you. But I keep an eye on you. Do not forget, you can run but you cannot hide!”