New season in Turkish domestic politics TV show

New season in Turkish domestic politics TV show

The hero is already charismatic; the supporting characters are versatile, mysterious and create a full of sense of wonder… I will definitely watch this TV show this season. 

Since July 15, I have absolutely grasped that ordinary people have no idea what is going on in the country whatsoever. As a matter of fact, even the intelligence services did not know many details. 

Well then, in this case, do you think that, as an unfortunate comedy writer, I will make long analyses on the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and Mosul? No, I will not. I will leave it as it is and will watch the political arena from now on as a TV show. 

This show is a fantastic one! The president has all the features needed for a thriller. In the side roles, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is the good man on the street but he does not have the power to shape the main plots. The pragmatic Binali Yıldırım adds humor to the show. The Selahattin Demirtaş character is not playing this season. And the outstanding character of recent days, the character who has been the “first hook” – to use a screenwriter’s term – is the most intriguing Devlet Bahçeli. 

Thanks to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader, mystery and action have been introduced into domestic politics. Foreign policy, because of the confusion surrounding us, was nothing different than “Game of Thrones.” But, as you know, in a TV show, you have to maintain the excitement and question marks in the main plot and all the side plots. We have to admit there was monotony in domestic politics. 

Bahçeli brought up the presidential system in an unexpected moment. But it was not clearly understood whether he was supporting it or criticizing it. He is criticizing when he is saying, “The president should respect the parliamentary system,” but immediately after this, he said, “But if this does not work, let them introduce the presidential system,” leaving all of glued to the television. 

From that day on, they have been trying to solve this mystery.

On Oct. 25, though, a new development occurred in the “Game of Ankara” show. Bahçeli said, “The MHP supports the parliamentary system,” but left the door ajar also by saying, “We will study the offer and reach a decision.” He stole our hearts by saying, “Nobody should attempt to have ambitions to change the principles and revolutions.” Immediately after this, he said, “If we say ‘yes’ in parliament we will say ‘yes’ also before the nation [in a referendum],” netting applause but leaving us more confused with the sentence. 

In the finale, he dropped the bomb that ensures we will be riveted to following episodes: “Those who are asking why we brought this up now, you will understand it in the coming days. Those who want chaos are the second-wave putchists.” 

Wow, what is happening, I wonder. What will we understand in the coming days? 

The final episode of the season, as in every good show, ended with a joke. Yıldırım told reporters, “It would not suit us to say something about what Mr. Bahçeli has said. Whatever he says, that is it.” And the frame froze on his smiling face. 

I will continue to watch this most thrilling show of the season, skipping everything else. 

Are you aware of the success? 

“Are you aware of the danger? Are you aware of what we are facing? Are you aware what might happen to us?” We have been hearing these for the last couple of years. We have no hope left for the future and no energy left to make future plans. 

Now, I will give a piece of news that will make you happy for the future and immediately make you start dreaming. You may have missed it squeezed between football and politics, but, “Are you aware of the triumph?”

The Eczacıbaşı women’s volleyball team won the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016 last week in Manila. Moreover, the team was also the champion last year. In other words, our girls have become the first team to win the cup in two consecutive years. Meanwhile, third place went to another Turkish team, Vakıfbank. 

Turkey is one of the most outstanding countries in women’s volleyball. It is outright obvious what the women of this country can achieve given freedom and opportunity.  

Unfortunately, certain minds are striving to narrow the freedoms and opportunities of women. These victories should be “spiked,” as in volleyball, onto the heads of those who say this.