Learn to cheer in a well-mannered way!

Learn to cheer in a well-mannered way!

A person might cheer when the party or the leader they have voted for wins the election. It is a nice feeling. They might tour around with a car and wave a flag from the window, shouting the name of their leader. It makes sense. They might even celebrate by dancing.

But they cannot open fire into the air! That is a crime! Unfortunately, however, we have witnessed this as well.

On the night of June 24, many people “celebrated” the results of the election by opening fire into the air, especially in Istanbul’s Bosphorus neighborhoods. We turned from the brink of disaster in a city where everywhere is crowded with buildings and people.

I have a couple of questions. Who are these roughnecks, and what courage do they have opening fire into the air in the middle of the city?

How have they found so many guns and how have they gotten a hold of them? Have any of them been detained for committing this dangerous crime? And most important is, why is it me asking all of these questions? Have these questions not come to the mind of a security official?

That night, Istanbul was not the only city that did not shake with gun sounds. For example, in the western province of Sakarya, a footballer playing in Sakaryaspor reportedly not only opened fire into the air, but also shared images of himself on social media captioned “It is customary [to do so]!”

In the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa as well, many people reportedly opened fire into the air, with these incidents being documented in many photographs and videos. There are also similar incidents in the Black Sea province of Rize.

Can the officials please enlighten me? Is there anyone who was detained that night, on whom a judicial process was undertaken, and who was punished for this very dangerous act?

I direct this question to all of us: In which century will we think about giving up the insanity of opening fire into the air during weddings, championships, election celebrations and instead, cheer with dancing and singing?

What’s up with the CHP?

On the day of elections, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) officials appeared in front of cameras many times in press meetings, uttering interesting statements: “These are not the real results. [State-run] Anadolu Agency [AA] is manipulating the results. The results we have are much more different. The Supreme Election Board [YSK] has not even declared the ballot box results. Do not leave the election fields, something is up, do not believe it.”

In the meantime, some survey poll company owners and even some election observers said: “AA is doing journalism; it announces the results with small variation, but in a faster way. The YSK on the other hand, undertakes a slow but a tight procedure, it evaluates the appeals, which is why it is slow. The difference stems from that.”

We watched them on TV just like that, without knowing who or what to believe in.

The CHP officials kept saying persistently, until late that night: “Do not believe it for a second, the YSK results are not like that, there will be a second round of [presidential] elections.”

Then all of a sudden, something happened.

The same CHP team appeared in front of the cameras with a bashful look: “Yes, the results are like this [AA has announced], but if there are minor mistakes, we will follow up, but please let us welcome the results in a calm and quiet way.”

Sorry, what? You are aspiring to rule the country, my friend. Do you not know which institution announces the results when, in which way, and in which method? Why did you make a fuss about it all day?

If the CHP did this to give short-term hope or to keep observers energetic, it is an awful idea; if it did this out of ignorance, it is great infamy. You, as the party, have the most educated voting profile of the country (according to statistics). Is this the performance you deem worthy of the millions? Do you not know in which order, at which pace, and by which institution the data is being entered? Please take the trouble to know this.

This is your job! You are not a doctor or a musician, you are a politician!

Forgive me, dear CHP. I am upset! Since I still hold the belief you are a democratic and stoic party, I will speak frankly: The word on the street is, seriously think about bringing your presidential candidate Muharrem İnce, who received over 30 percent of the votes, to the party’s leadership, but even more seriously think about shaping up your team!

Gülse Birsel, June 24 elections,