Is July 15 the reason for the flu epidemic?

Is July 15 the reason for the flu epidemic?

No, I’m not talking about chemical weapons. I don’t have any theories regarding the claim that “they have spread viruses through the air.” But if you constantly catch the flu, have frequent back pains or have dizziness, or if your stomach has become more sensitive, then, yes, the reason could be the trauma you experienced during the attempted coup.

Since the end of summer, my friends and I have been suffering various sicknesses. 

One had thyroid issues; one had gastric bleeding; some others had unexplained dizziness. Even the healthiest ones had stiff muscles. 

Right now, all of them are at home with a cold. While we are recommending remedies to each other all the time, I thought about whether old age would be like this. But my friends’ ages range between 25 and 55. 

After the coup attempt on July 15, while I was not writing a TV serial, which means that I was in a period of my life during when I was the most relaxed and free of problems, I had terrible neck pains. It was not like the time I was writing nonstop without leaving the desk for 48 hours. 

Well, back to attempted July 15 coup. It wouldn’t have been possible for this major trauma to leave no marks on anybody. I became an investigative journalist and asked about the possibility of a hike in diseases after July 15, the date of the attempted coup. 

Internal diseases specialist Dr. Murat Görgülü gave me information confirming my theory. When anxiety disorders and stress increase the adrenalin in the blood at unusual times, then cortisol also increases. This increase in cortisol results in a weakening of the immune system that can result in people catching infections from the air. “Because of stress, we get a cold, catch infections and have muscle spasms; we become tired and lazy,” Görgülü said.

As a matter of fact, the latest research, he said, shows that after trauma, certain diseases emerge because of the wrong reaction of autoimmune system. For instance, there are patients who develop type-1 diabetes after traffic accidents, or a thyroid disease called hashimoto after another trauma, or skin diseases… So it’s not only the flu, cold or muscle stiffness, but other seemingly unrelated diseases…

Internal diseases specialist Dr. Haşmet Pamuk explained that one in three patients arriving at the clinic had psychosomatic complaints. “Two things happen after major traumas such as economic crises, earthquakes or July 15. One of them is not going to the doctor out of hopelessness and depression. The second one is frequently seen sicknesses due to an increase in psychosomatic diseases and weaknesses in the immune system.”

Serotonin is excessively released at times of stress. Because of such traumas and other issues, the body is unable to manage its own system. “The immune system experiences pressure and you catch the flu while you are staying at home,” explained Dr. Pamuk. He is certain that July 15 has had a negative effect on people’s immune systems. 

As a further service to my dear readers, here is a to-do list. If you say you cannot do any of them, look, I have written 280 episodes of comedy. Go, click on one, watch and relax. What else can I do, come and massage you? Eh? 

You should strengthen your immune system and mood so much that if an asphalt roller goes over you, you should be able to get up, dust yourself off and walk on. Dr. Pamuk’s recommendations are as follows: 

- Exercise without racing, without stress, suitable to your age.

- Eat correctly. Gluten, lactose and sugar are not good. 

- Keep your intestines healthy; they account for both the immune system and the mood.

- Eat probiotics, such as the kefir, yogurt and pickles. 

- Change your routine. Do not wake up at the same time every morning, go to the same place or talk to same people. Use different routes to work if you are driving. If you are indoors all day, go out to a park. 

- Do not watch the news day and night. Try to relax in the evenings. 

- Sleep adequately and well.  

- Ask your doctor for extra Vitamin C, Coenzim Q10, fish oil and magnesium.

- (This is very interesting) Interview yourself now and then. Ask yourself, “Do you have to do this? Why have you made a habit of this?”  

And here is one from me: Turn on the music first thing in the morning. Do not listen to arabesque, fado or something like that. Listen to cheerful, mood-boosting music…