How are our Syrian children guests faring?

How are our Syrian children guests faring?

We keep saying we have opened our doors to millions of Syrians, we are wonderful, we are very hospitable, etc.

Yes, it is true we are the champion of accepting refugees, let it be an example to other countries.

However, one cannot just brag by saying you have opened your home to guests. One has to provide the conditions for the guests to live a dignified life.

It was revealed that in a hospital in Bağcılar in 2017, 392 teen pregnancies were uninformed to legal authorities. This is a scandal in itself.

But, 50 of these teens are below the age of 16 and 49 of them are Syrians.

So, what is the story behind the scenes? Is there a good chance that it was young love, a teenage mistake?

The worst chance is that they are forced, unofficial marriages, dark dealings involving money, and refugee girls whose lives are ruined.

Well, what is the likelihood we will turn thousands of Syrian babies into doctors, engineers, or artists, especially those born out of the tragic stories of these teen girls? What is the likelihood of turning them into wonderful people that will do fantastic things to benefit society?

What kind of a young Syrian population will we be facing in five to 10 years?

It is not enough to open the door and welcome a guest inside. There needs to be a minimum standard of hosting.

Brotherhoods, sects, criminal organizations, etc.

Members of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), followers of Adnan “Hoca,” sheik sympathizers, fans of cults, etc. People in full adoration, kissing hands, those living life as a prisoner, etc.

Most importantly, a group occupying all the cadres, nepotism, tricking youth, cheating those who are not “one of us,” stealing, swindling, threats, manipulation, blackmailing, spying, and ties with foreign agencies, etc.

This will be the agenda for a while, with its political and criminal aspect, its foreign aspect, and its entertainment and conspiracy theory aspect.

“Can one look at a society made up of people who follow sheiks (...), leaving their faith and lives into the hands of some magicians, fortunetellers, so-called healers, as a civilized nation? Should these elements and institutions that have misrepresented the true character of our nation, and have done so for centuries, continue to exist in the new Turkish State, the Turkish Republic? Wouldn’t ignoring this fact be a huge and irreversible mistake toward progress and modernization?”

I did not write this. This has been written by the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is from Nutuk (the 36.5 hour long speech delivered by Atatürk in six days).

If we refer to Atatürk from time to time, we might solve our troubles before they even happen.

Gülse Birsel, Syrian refugees,