Atatürk for beginners

Atatürk for beginners

You know the kind of people we have seen in this country in recent years, those strange and funny characters?

They are the ones who distance themselves from the founder of this country, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and his ideas, who hesitate to pronounce his name, try to act like he had never even existed, speak out against him, defame his family, twist history, curse at him and make shameless insults.

We have all been very angry but we knew they would be shamed, that they would eventually become helpless and that the Turkish Republic and nation would not accept them.

Look what has happened now. Atatürk is everywhere again. Roads, streets, squares, cafes, schools, even concerts, theaters, ceremonies, entertainment places and social media are filled with Atatürk.

Atatürk is in the minds and hearts of people. He has always been there. On the other hand, there are also some figures, opinion leaders and journalists who have newly discovered Atatürk.

Recently, Atatürk has come up more in politics. This is wonderful.

But it is not enough to merely mention Atatürk. What had our country’s founding father said?

“To see me does not merely mean to see my face. You can only really see me if you can feel and understand my ideas and emotions.”

Some understand things later. Therefore, I have prepared a guide to give a closer understanding of Atatürk and to get to know him better. Here are some of his famous quotes with my own modest explanations below them.

- “Teachers! The Republic wants generations of individuals with free minds, clear consciences and filled with wisdom,” says Atatürk.

Here, the author says, “We do not need generations of individuals who memorize, who are under pressure, who do not ask questions, who are submissive, but on the contrary, we need individuals who are free, who research and who are knowledgeable.”

- “We do not need anything except for one thing; to be hard working!”

Here, the leader says, “Do not be lazy, do not ask for favors, do not hope to get anywhere by partisanship, but instead work hard, succeed by your own effort and build a system that will help others move up by doing the same.”

- “Human society is composed of two genders, women and men. Is it possible for one part to progress while we neglect the other part and expect the whole population to progress?”

Here, he tells us about the equality of women and men and at the same time, the equal opportunity that should be presented to both. This is the best response to those who say “A woman does not do this or that, her place is here or there” with the justification that “women are of different nature.”

- “Liberty, the future, and freedom, everything exists with justice!”

“Independence,” “the future” and “freedom” “can only exist with justice, otherwise they will all fall to pieces,” he says.

- “If a nation does not make paintings, sculptures, or things that require technique, one must confess that it has no place on the path of progress.”

Here, the commander is trying to explain to us, “If you do not prioritize science, technology and art when designing a new generation, you will be left behind.”

- “Friends, masters and dear people, know well that the Turkish Republic cannot be a country of sheikhs, dervishes, disciples and lunatics. The truest, realest order is the one of civilization.”

Well, this one does not need an explanation, you already understand!

We advise Atatürkism to everyone. Atatürk refreshes the mind, frees it, and keeps it vigorous and intellect bright. Atatürkism is an antidote against laziness, fanaticism, fake sheikhs and dervishes and minds that can be controlled.

You should insist on Atatürkism!

Gülse Birsel,