The uncovered success of Alperen in high jump

The uncovered success of Alperen in high jump

The other day I received a call from Aşkın Tuna.

“Fatih this is an unbelievable record. This is the first time I am calling you about a broken record. Alperen registered 2.30 meters in the men’s high jump. This is a score on a global level.”

I checked the newspapers the next day.

Transfers of football players were on the front page of newspapers.

No news about Alperen Acet on the front pages. I am criticizing myself as well.

Why don’t we see these successes?

Aşkın Tuna is one of the legendary names of Turkish athletics.

He is also an older member of our family. He registered an incredible record in 1967.

With a jump of 16.01, he made it to the international lists with the triple jump.

His record remained unbreakable for 20 years.

Indeed, he usually does not call unless there is something important.

Thanks to his call I started to read news about Acet in newspapers’ sports sections. Indeed, Acet is a real miracle.

A score of 2.30 m in high jumping means to be a challenger for the top three in the world.

It is a huge potential. Acet is an athlete that has worked relentlessly with the support of Turhan Şahin from Fenerbahçe sports club.

I know it for a fact. Success in sports requires motivation as much as the will to work hard.

Acet will be competing in the Berlin 2018 championship.

Shouldn’t we all applaud altogether?

Columnist Hıncal Uluş usually writes about athletics. But even he, no matter how hard he tries, could not make the success of these kids make it to the front pages.

They will not be number one news on TV channels.

Now I am asking: Why aren’t we applauding these kids’ successes by putting them on front pages?

Maybe we like to read more about scandals than success stories. Take a look at what we did to Süreyya Ayhan, a female athlete at the global success level.

Let’s take the first step with Acet.

How will the problem of wastes washing ashore be solved?

Whenever I write about the waste problem in the seas I receive dozens of mails, from the coastal cities of Bodrum, Göcek, Marmaris and Fethiye.
The problem is the following: The world’s most beautiful bays are real treasures for yacht tourism. We have some of the world’s most beautiful bays. We are in a tremendous competition with Greece. From Kuşadası near İzmir in the north Aegean to Finike in the east Mediterranean, we have priceless bays for yacht tourism.

But the yacht that comes often does not know where to drop their wastes. We know that some yachts get rid of their wastes by dumping them into the sea. This solution to the problem is beyond the capacity of some restaurant managers on the coasts. The ministries and especially the municipalities have to develop waste management systems for the bays.

Just as they are assuming their responsibilities in the land to gather the waste; the municipalities should do the same in the seas. And that should not be free of charge.