The HDP bomb

The HDP bomb

It is now quite apparent. The orders are clear. They will start clashes in certain cities of southeast Turkey.

There will be bloodshed.

They will bomb cities in western Turkey. They will try to spread fear among the innocent.

Simultaneously, they will explode the “HDP bomb” in parliament; the HDP being the Kurdish issue-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party. 

The HDP bomb is this: Certain HDP members of parliament will praise the terrorists – somehow there are deputies who applaud those who kill their own people. 

The deputies will visit the houses of terrorists to give condolences to their families and speak at their funerals. 

Thus, they will pave the way for these deputies to be excluded from parliament and have them tried. 

This way, the perception that “democracy has ended in Turkey” will be pumped into Western countries. 

The aim is to shatter the parliamentarian system with these “suicide bomber” deputies. Some HDP deputies will act as “suicide bombers” in parliament. 

Thus, democratic efforts will be totally blocked, which means that the militants in the mountains who were of secondary importance during the democratic efforts, elections and campaigns will again take the initiative. 

Which all comes to this: Is there any member of the HDP who sees this fact? 

I know there are. I know there are those who want to live together and who want democracy. I know there are these who opt for the power of words instead of the power of arms. But now, they are under pressure. 

Those “suicide bomber” deputies who are scheduled to blow themselves up in parliament should be sorted out. But this “suicide bomber” set-up installed within parliament should be seen and interpreted accordingly.

There is no origin of Nevruz 

The spring, flowers and trees do not have origins; they have roots. This is for those fanatics who want to portray Nevruz not as a feast of spring but as a festivity of a certain origin. 

Nevruz does not have origins. 

The plants exist with their roots, not with their origins. Those roots are the land, the sun, the wind, love and color.

Trying to portray Nevruz as the fire of a certain origin is against the roots that hold us together. 

Who are those refugees near Angelina Jolie?

I looked at the photograph. A refugee was taking a selfie; the U.N. representative, Angelina Jolie, visited refugee camps in Greece…

When I saw these refugees, I was a bit confused.

It must be that when they arrive, they adapt to the surroundings and their hairstyles and outfits change. 
You should take a look at the photo also.

A young refugee takes a selfie with Angelina Jolie. Am I wrong? Or are all of these propaganda materials for a new film? 

I am fed up with Hollywood propaganda. 

Adopt orphans from Africa. Then make an Africa movie… Organize hunger concerts…

Then go to refugee camps… Then make another film…

Nobody is asking, “Dear Jolie, you are there for the U.N. Can you please ask the U.N. why it is unable to solve this issue?”

But if you ask why, then there would not be a film…