How can a police sue another officer for tear gas? Here is how

How can a police sue another officer for tear gas? Here is how

A demonstration scene during May 1 … The police lined up along the town square. Demonstrators were holding banners reading “May 1 is for freedom!”

The police have donned their gas masks; their batons were in their hands. The atmosphere was tense. Nerves were about to snap.

And the demonstrators started stirring up to march to the square. Slogans were being chanted, actually exploding in the ears.

The demonstrators and the police walked up to each other and were chest to chest.

Right at that moment, a police sprayed tear gas at the face of a demonstrator for no reason.

The place was stirred, but no clashes occurred. Demonstrators dispersed peacefully.

And in evening hours, a video was posted in YouTube.

The scene was such: A policeman sprayed tear gas in the face of a demonstrator for no apparent reason. His friends start protesting, “Why are you shooting?”

The video was immediately shared and reactions grew like an avalanche.

Hundreds of thousands of people commented. The image became viral in social media. Everybody was talking about the police who sprayed gas at the face of a demonstrator for no reason. But the identity of the police was not determined definitely. The video became one of the most watched. The incident grew bigger.

The next day, a meeting was held at the police center. The topic was this: A police officer who was present while the other officer sprayed the demonstrator with gas listened to the voice of his conscience and sued the gas shooting police officer.

Yes, a police who was present took the other police who used tear gas court. Thus, the identity of the officer became clear.

The police who sprayed the gas was in a position of a group leader right there and then. And an officer under him, reporting to him, is complaining against him. 

Crime: Spraying gas into the face of a person from a close distance unjustly.

Yes, exactly that. The police are suing the police.

And now everybody is waiting for the outcome of this case.

Well, where is that place?

It is Kreuzberg in Berlin, the district where Turks predominately live…

The public conscience is so effective … This incident where democracy meets law and rises as respect to humankind climbs all the way up to the top stages of bureaucracy.

During a meeting of the Berlin Interior Affairs Committee, Police President Klaus Kandt and Berlin Interior Senator Frank Henkel announced that an investigation has been opened against the gas spraying police. And Kandt said he was ready to apologize if the incident was proven.

‘You cannot hit me’

When I read this news story, you cannot imagine how deep and painful my heart ached…

My heart ached in such a fashion that images of Berkin and Ali İsmail passed in front of my eyes… Also the police who targeted, shot and killed in Ankara, as well as the girls who were grabbed by their hair and dragged at İzmir’s Kordon coast, and then I remembered the ones with sticks in their hands…

Why is it that we cannot live in this democracy? Why can we not experience this law?

Why are we so far away from respect to humankind? Why are we being crushed under these concepts?

These scenes of hate, what we have here, what we experience here depress me so much from inside out…