Who will benefit from this murder?

Who will benefit from this murder?

When there was an attack on the Council of State in 2006 and a judge was killed, this is what I wrote:
“This is the Sept. 11 of the regime.”

The hitmen of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) severely criticized me. Those found of complot theories have asked the obvious question and given themselves the answer.

“Who benefits from this incident?”

They immediately accused the secular circles, put the blame on an imaginary organization called Ergenekon and took the first step in the biggest plot of the history of Turkish justice.

We then understood the biggest benefiters from the attack were the ones who had designed the Ergenekon plot.

I have the same opinion about the attack that ended with the death of our prosecutor on March 31.
“This is the Sept.  11 of the regime.”

In other words, democracy, justice system of the regime has been attacked.

Then I will ask the same obvious question.

Who has benefited the most from this incident?

I don’t know the answer as of today but we will see who will try to benefit from this incident.

We will also see for which disgusting plot this incident will be exploited for in the coming days.

I stand behind my state

If a man holds a gun to the head of the prosecutor of my country and publishes a photo of it…

I will not think one minute. I won’t look at what he says, or what his ideals are; I won’t look for justification. I will consider that gun as one that is being held to my head, to all of our heads.

If a man attempts to show my country’s prosecutor in a miserable way, to humiliate him…

I won’t look at what that man said... I consider that humiliated man to be me and my state and all of us has been humiliated.

If a man attempts to shed blood on the clean legacy of our brother Berkin Elvan, shot during the Gezi protests by the police…

If a man get a gun and enters the Justice Palace, takes the prosecutor hostage and tries to spread a picture that has been taken at gun point across the whole world…

I won’t think a minute. I will name it openly and say: “This is a terror act. This is a terrorist.”

Whatever I think about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant who decapitate people, I think the same about him.

What went black was the lightbulb of the AKP

First, he got obsessed and targeted the person who worked. He received a notice saying “He does not go to Friday prayers.” He took it as a crime and pulled the person over.

Then he got obsessed and targeted the head of the wife of the person who worked. He said, “She does not wear a head scarf.”  They became resentful and left. Those who did not leave, he exiled...

Then he became obsessed with the skirt of working women. He started talking about her honor. She got away too.

Then he called them “Coup plotters;” he exiled them. He made them miserable. He could not get enough.

Then he started targeting others saying they are the “parallel state.”

Each time, the innocent has suffered next to the guilty. He sent himself letters without signatures that he wrote to denounce people and he said “do what needs to be done.”

He polarized his own people; he divided them. He called part of them “they,” and opened the way for the other part calling “from us.”

He did not look at merit but at loyalty.

He fired the one who had merit but hired the loyal one.

And then look what happened...

I have reached 68 years of age. I lived through the times when we had rationing; we went to get powder milk with a ration ticket. I queued for food; there have been days when I could not find lightbulb. But for the past 68 years, I have never seen all lightpulbs go black throughout the country.

That’s how it is, my brother from the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

If the government you voted for starts hurling this and that and raids the Chambers of Engineers by breaking its doors, getting its powers out of its hands…

If it disperses with the totality of this country’s digital experts, accusing them to be “parallel,” “coup plotters,” “hackers,” etc…

If it disrupts the whole the education system of the country by claiming to raise religious and vengeful generations…

One day your electricity system will collapse.

And should you ask why?

Don’t let them come up with the argument that the electricity system collapsed in New York too.
Tell them:

There, the whole state was up on its feet…
Here, the state collapsed.

What went dark in the whole country was the lightbulb of one-party, one-man state.