Those from the AKP sitting on the edge of a volcano

Those from the AKP sitting on the edge of a volcano

The first sign came when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on board of the Airbus A330 Presidential plane on his return from Pakistan, said, “We had friends and colleagues who thought highly of these scums [the members of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)]”. 
The moment I heard this, I instantly thought an internal conflict could start between members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). 

The Pandora’s Box was opened after the daily Star’s editor-in-chief Nuh Albayrak wrote a column on Nov. 23 about possible members of FETÖ within the AKP.  

This group has managed to penetrate everywhere, it is possible to believe that they still exist inside the party. Well then, where are these ‘colleagues’ now?

I am genuinely curious. Who are these friends and where are they now? 

Albayrak’s column signals that a second wave of investigation into ByLock codes will be opened, but this time inside the AKP. He has given the codes of the AKP members likely to be held responsible for this.  

Is it a T-shirt or a statement? 

In his column, Albayrak is giving coordinates and codes of possible FETÖ members within the ruling party. Some of his implications are as follows:  

The code of offering benefits: This column written by Albayrak refers to FETÖ members who provided benefits to other members using state resources. Just to remind you, we will see whether this will reach out to a debate between a deputy and a mayor on whether they have provided benefits, one that occurred before the elections. 

The T-shirt code: During the days when parliamentary inaugurations were taking place for four cabinet ministers who were accused of corruption after the Dec. 17 investigations, there were deputies who wore T-shirts that had “We have no ill-gotten gains,” (Haram yemedik) written on them, attempting to give lessons to others, implying that they have taken a different road. As a reminder, I did not particularly remember that shirt but I have come across many AKP members who said this in face-to-face conversations. 

Alligator code: This piece refers to certain people who treated the “justice alligators” such as prosecutors Zekeriya Öz and Celal Kara as though they were “symbols of justice” back in those days. As a reminder, I can say that this is a very dangerous code. During that time, the number of people who protected and defended these prosecutors is so many. This could even extend to the headlines of certain papers and several columns who acted as if they were themselves the prosecutors of the Ergenekon case. 

Distance code: This piece said, “If you really want to fight the FETÖ members in the AKP, then look around. Those ‘friends’ could not have gone very far.” I’d like to point out that this “very far” actually means “very near.” 

In conclusion, we can say that if FETÖ members being cleansed from the AKP will be done according to these codes then it means that the operation will be a very comprehensive and wide one.