No ifs or buts, I enjoyed the PM’s Armenian statement

No ifs or buts, I enjoyed the PM’s Armenian statement

My opinion of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Armenian statement, issued one day before April 24, is open and precise. It is as significant as the speech late President Turgut Özal delivered when he apologized to the Algerian people for Turkey’s misguided attitude during Algeria’s war of independence.

Whoever wrote the speech, I sincerely congratulate them. They have formulated it extremely well, the most advanced words a Turkish prime minister can say for today. 

Turkey should now adopt a self-confident stance in the Armenian issue and I see this speech as the first step of that process. Could it have been possible to say more advanced things? I, as a citizen, as a columnist, can say more advanced words, but the line where the prime minister has to stand for today has been drawn correctly.

No doubt, this speech will not mean much for the radicals, but as a person who has experienced and witnessed all these incidents, I am saying that this is a very important step.

Well done!

Yes, now let us take a look inside…

We are expecting the same initiative to be launched domestically too…

I have read the prime minister’s Armenian initiative speech and highlighted the lines. This speech unavoidably prompted this question in me: “A prime minister who can launch this initiative in a topic like the Armenian incident, can’t he also take a step to eliminate the polarization in Turkey?”

It was the first time he has mentioned pluralism: “In Turkey, expressing different opinions and thoughts freely on the events of 1915 is the requirement of a pluralistic perspective, as well as of a culture of democracy and modernity.”

It was the first time the resentments have been mentioned: “If this will enable us to better understand historical issues with their legal aspects and transform resentment to friendship again, it is natural to approach different discourses with empathy and tolerance and expect a similar attitude from all sides.”
It was the first time he has mentioned deriving enmity: “In today’s world, deriving enmity from history and creating new antagonisms is neither acceptable nor useful for building a common future.”

“The spirit of the age” was mentioned for the first time: “The spirit of the age necessitates dialogue despite differences, understanding by heeding others, evaluating means for compromise, denouncing hatred, and praising respect and tolerance.”

I totally agree and can put my signature under it.

And I am saying: “We also want it; we want the same…”

Turn also to those who have not voted for you and repeat the same sentences with the same sincerity.
You will receive its reciprocation…

The spirit of the age dictates this to all of us…