More cases waiting for Turkish justice

More cases waiting for Turkish justice

Please read what I will explain here… And then put your hand on your heart, where your conscience beats… And then, cry out loud the voice that comes from your inner self…  

Say it with all your heart…

Have you ever seen an indictment that is this shoddy, disgusting, merciless and as ridiculous as a comedy?

I will explain… Let us decide all together…

First, an acknowledgement: Thank you Uğur Dündar. Thank you for reminding us the drama of these people that we have forgotten and left alone with their destinies, while we were engaged with the joy from the verdicts of the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) coup plot case and the rumble of the presidential elections.

Thank you for reminding us of the disgraceful conspiracy called the “Spying case” and was conducted in İzmir.

There, in İzmir, the third largest city in Turkey, people are in prison with charges of spying.

Some of you may call this a lazy attitude, but I will do it. I will quote Uğur Dündar’s article.

And be sure that I will follow up.

We have to show, both to ourselves and to the whole world, that it is not that easy to steal years from people’s lives in this country…

Shame on us if we do not disclose the rags of this dark interim regime of our history…

Blind father made to sign report  

Imagine, it is such a spying network that people accused of spying are charged with forming a “benefit-oriented criminal organization,” but there is no evidence that shows there was any benefit gained.
Whatever kind of a gang is this, where the majority of the members do not know each other; they met each other when they were arrested or when brought to court.

Whatever kind of a gang this is, where members have not spoken to each other on the phone even once; have not emailed each other.  

What kind of crackerjack detectives have found and disclosed this network that they have not been able to find one piece of evidence proving this relationship.

In this court case, an admiral is shown to be taking orders from a captain he has never met in his life.
The parents of one of the defendants are separated. The father is totally blind. However, heaven knows why, the flash disc that belongs to the defendant is found in his father’s house and the father who was not able to see what was happening was made to sign the research report.

Again, heaven knows why, these spies were such rookies as to write their Turkish citizenship identity numbers on the documents that were evaluated as evidence. You may call them stupid, if you wish.
According to the claim, one of the spies started his profession when he was only seven-years-old.
Same spelling mistake

According to the defense lawyers’ findings, in the spying case indictment, the phrase “Microsoft World” is written 49 separate times. The correct version is “Word.”

In some of the documents used in the Balyoz case, this phrase was similarly misspelled.

Doesn’t it occur to you also?

Could it be that, this spying case has been fabricated by the same people who have also prepared the Balyoz conspiracy that is now unmistakably proven to be a plot?  

Could it be that organized crime does not actually belong to the people accused of being spies, but to those who have conspired against them?

Justice has started being served in the Balyoz case and in the match-fixing case.

Let us not forget İzmir. Let us not forget Ergenekon. Let us not forget the OdaTV case.

Especially, let us not forget the conspiracy of involving the commanders in that file, while the perpetrators of the Zirve Publishing House massacre in Malatya were all there in person.

There is still a lot of work to be done by the Turkish justice system…