Holding re-elections during G-20 summit

Holding re-elections during G-20 summit

Dear Mr. President,

The media bunch who think they are supporting you but are so incompetent - what we call the trolls - have already announced the date of early elections, ignoring the nation’s will altogether: Nov. 22, 2015. 
Please be careful. Exactly one week before Nov. 22, that is on Nov. 15, there is a very important occasion where the whole world will watch. The G-20 meeting will start in Antalya, Turkey’s Mediterranean tourism hub. 

This means 20 leaders from the biggest countries of the world, including U.S. President Barack Obama, will meet in Antalya. 

Now, we should all ponder what kind of an atmosphere the day of Nov. 15 will have in Turkey… 

The sound of F-16s taking off will be heard from Antalya, bombs will go off every day, news of martyrs will shake the country, the Syrian border of the country will be a bloodbath and where everybody will be at each other’s throat at political rallies; is that it? 

Will it be an Antalya where a portion of the leaders will have to rethink whether they should come or not or even suggest that the meeting be postponed? 

Or will it be a Turkey where the government is formed, where the peace talks have restarted and where stability has been reestablished? 

If we want the second one, I have another word to say to you, Dear Esteemed President.

This parliament 

This parliament can write a new constitution and get rid of the authoritarian shadow lingering over the country.

This parliament can deal with the corruption.

This parliament can produce a coalition government that can solve the big problems of this country and get rid of the polarization.

This parliament can deal with the foreign policy and bring the internal and external peace that the country has been longing for.

When there is such a parliament on duty, when the citizens have voted for such a parliament, forcing new elections is equal to not loving your country, to being disrespectful to the will of the citizens.

The meeting of the prime minister

I have taken a serious look at the pictures taken during the dinner given by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to the editor-in-chiefs of several newspapers.

(*) I think it was a good sign that the editor in chief of Hürriyet and Hürriyet Daily News were invited.

Everybody knows that these two papers are the most respected ones that both the domestic and international public have been monitoring carefully.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu’s style, stance and view of events recently create confidence.

I think Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is playing a historic role. He has a constructive and calming style. He does not fight, he extends his hand. Davutoğlu’s words about him were also nice.

This is hopeful.