After 24 hours, the eavesdropping scandal

After 24 hours, the eavesdropping scandal

It may have attracted your attention. I have not written a word about the eavesdropping scandal in the Foreign Ministry. In these kinds of cases, I prefer to wait 24 hours.

My first impression was this monologue with myself: “Bülent Arınç in previous years had said it was fortunate we had not gone to war with this army.” When I learned this scandal that day, a voice inside me completed that sentence: “It is fortunate for us we did not enter any war with this Foreign Ministry and with this National Intelligence Organization [MİT].”

Indeed, the actual meaning of this sentence is this: “It is fortunate for us that we have not entered any war with this government.” These were my thoughts…

It has been a very serious situation. Some people have gone into the “cosmic room” of the Republic of Turkey, have scanned the Çukurambar district of Ankara, where the Foreign Ministry is, and shamed our country. This was what has happened.

Whoever has done this not only revealed a cosmic state secret, but at the same time has made fun of all of us and has humiliated us.

They have given this message to the whole world: “Turkey, which has proclaimed itself the leader of the Middle East, is an empty box as such.”

For this reason, I am saying that whoever has done this, whoever is behind them, should be found and should be held to account.

If we are the Republic of Turkey, if we are the rising star of the region and the nth economy of the world, then we should not leave those who have done this unpunished.

But, wait a minute; let me finish my sentence: Let us find the perpetrators, but we should also find those who have let this happen, who did not prevent it.

All those pompous attitudes… Should all of them be left untouched? We should ask: For God’s sake, what is the MİT good for, the institution that is there with the taxpayers’ money? Is it good for becoming the private detective of the prime minister?

Yes, we should yell in imaginary directions, dark hollows, nameless addresses and addressless names as “traitors,” but should we not call those to account who have made these villains as competent bodies present everywhere?

Spend my tax money accordingly! You have not been able to protect the confidentiality of the state, at least find the perpetrators and let us bring them to account together.

Whose victory, whose loss 

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), can it get 45 percent of the votes? It can. Can it still, after all the corruption, shoe boxes, “zeroing,” oppression, totalitarianism? Yes they can.

Thus, are we going to see a victorious AKP on March 31 and a losing opposition? No, it would be an AKP that maintained its place in local elections and an opposition that has maintained its place also.

Talking about victory and loss, would Turkey be able to continue as it is now? A collapsed state before us, a finished judiciary, a democracy that has been deflated… And there is an AKP of a vote of 45 percent and a CHP-MHP opposition with a similar vote that hate each other… Is it an easy thing to live as a prime minister half of the people worship while the other half hate?

My humble advice is there is nothing one could call an AKP victory or the loss of the opposition. We have turned an election into deciding “who will better collect our garbage” in a referendum. We have made a hate referendum out of this.