Selling snail in a Muslim neighborhood

Selling snail in a Muslim neighborhood

The title is a saying in Turkish. It means that what you sell and your target group should be in line. Since Muslims don’t really care for snails, it would be very difficult and pointless to try to push snails in a dominantly Muslim target group.

However, Turkey is a unique Muslim country. Thanks to its strong secular roots, the Republic lets its people endeavor where other Muslim people cannot.

One of such person is Can Algül. He is running a business that aims to serve people the best possible beer. The company is called Pubinno.

It is a San Francisco-based technology company aiming to serve perfect beer around the world. The company focuses on the challenges in the draft beer industry and provides end-to-end innovative solutions for the entire ecosystem. Artificial intelligence-powered Smart Tap II uses robotics and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies.

It creates a positive change for all stakeholders (breweries, pub owners, bartenders, maintenance and support teams and pub customers) in the entire draft beer ecosystem, which has not seen a significant development in recent decades. Pubinno helps breweries and pub owners to manage their draft beer operations more efficiently and deliver excellent quality beer at optimal conditions and taste for their customers.

There are four main challenges in the draft beer industry: It is extremely difficult to maintain draft beer quality with the current technology. The current system cannot guarantee that each glass will be at the right temperature with the best possible foam level. From the bar owners’ point of view, in every pub, on average there is 23 percent waste and uncontrolled sales.

Insufficient tech infrastructure makes it very difficult to track business key performance indicators. Also unstandardized field service, in terms of line cleaning quality and periods, reduces both efficiency and productivity.

Pubinno Smart Tap II learns from the bartender’s behavior with the sensors laying inside taps. Its patented robotics technology creates the optimal flow profile to serve the perfect pint. With Pubinno’s Internet of Beer Platform, data and business KPIs can be tracked through the Pubinno dashboard and mobile apps.

The system is already in use in many countries such as Turkey, Spain and Israel. Combined, there are millions of taps in all the bars of the world, and Can Algül aims to reform each one of them.