Let’s focus on positivity

Let’s focus on positivity

Turkey always amazes me in many different ways. The public has recently been focused on the appalling suggestions made by the government about underage marriages. It ultimately backpedaled on its position but the public is still debating and protesting about it – after all, you never know, this topic might still reemerge in a bundle of laws at 1.00 a.m. one night and be passed at parliament.  

Looking at such news, a foreigner reading the Hürriyet Daily News might think Turkey is a country on a par with Afghanistan. But in their private lives most of Turks try their best to strive globally in very competitive markets. Most try to do their best not to fall behind in their personal achievements. Most do not want to hear their politicians make suggestions belonging to the Dark Ages. They just want to focus on their work and their competition. 

So I have decided that the best action I can take is to write about the success stories of positive people more. There is enough doom and gloom in our press as it is; I don’t want my column to add to the list of negative things you came across in Turkey. 

Today, I will write about a young team of entrepreneurs. 

“Pisano” is a Turkish tech startup based in Istanbul that focuses on delivering mobile centric real-time customer engagement solutions and establishing an operational advantage for companies that value their brands and customers. The company provides products for hospitality, restaurants, events, transport, retail and banking verticals.

The team explains why it chose the name “Pisano” in its blog: “All four of Pisano’s founders were computer engineering students years ago. :) And just like any other freshman computer engineering student, they had to calculate Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio as classwork. Pisano being Fibonacci’s nickname, it thus came to represent their desire to keep being as excited about Pisano as the very first day. It’s also a nerdy math reference to our platform’s user friendly and practical design.”

I met with one of the four, Özkan Demir, to discuss the company. Demir is a very open and calm youngster with a mind set on conquering the world. He told me that they are very encouraged by the progress made in Turkey and want to move to the U.K. in 2017, and then to the U.S. possibly in 2018 or 2019. 
Demir said their main advantage is the ease of managing the tool/dashboard, even though it has to deal with complex tasks and analyses. He underlined that the needs of every customer are different and Pisano is like a mass-produced but customized tool.
Demir even said Pisano “threatens an entire industry,” as companies currently pay lots of money for secret customer visits and do very big surveys to understand what’s happening in their stores. He says they can provide instant insight without the hassle and payload of current methods. 

I have seen the dashboard but not tried it as a customer. If the customer satisfaction rate is as high as Demir claims, we really could be talking about this company more in the future.