Contemporary Istanbul 11 years old

Contemporary Istanbul 11 years old

Contemporary Istanbul, where several new and good pieces of world and Turkish visual art are being exhibited, was opened with a special activity this week.

With Akbank’s contributions and Ferko’s support, the fair will last until Nov. 6 at the Istanbul Congress Center and Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Hall. From 20 countries, 70 galleries and 520 artists are showcasing more than 1,500 pieces. 

This year in the fair within the context of CI Design, 32 designers are organizing a parallel activity with the third Design Biennial. In the “Plugin” section which has been a drawing card since day one and which focuses on new media, 18 new media artists are touching on current issues. 

In a preview earlier in the week, 11,000 art lovers visited the fair. They were able to talk to artists in the stands and study the pieces. No doubt there were domestic and international collectors among this audience.    
As I always say, this fair is significant from a couple of aspects. It is to promote the pieces of Turkish artists to foreign visitors, facilitate their purchases and introduce our buyers to art pieces from around the world. 
This promotion and introduction occur through galleries. 

In CI, this year there were certain new practices that I would like to draw your attention to. 

In the “Collectors’ Stories” exhibition that opened for the first time this year, we are able to see 120 pieces from 60 outstanding Turkish contemporary art collections. The specialty of the exhibition is that each collector includes two pieces that he or she likes the most in the exhibition. I have the opinion that this exhibition will draw the attention of art lovers because by looking at the pieces here, you can see the point of view of the collector, their stance, their build-up and the content of the collection.    

Also, it is possible for would-be collectors to benefit from this. 

Arçelik this year is presenting the samples of an important contemporary initiative with pieces created by artists from recycled material produced at the company’s recycling facilities. 

We will learn about the results of the competition only after the fair ends. Ülker, on the other hand, is introducing also children this year with art with special activities for children. 

I hope that the activities series of the fair will draw many listeners. 

In the debates that started Nov. 3, several aspects of the situation of the art world, galleries and the art market were discussed. The debates will continue. 

At the beginning of the fair catalogue, there are prefaces by Chairman Ali Güreli and Marcus Graf. 

Fidelity and the recollection of efforts are among the priorities in my life. Every time I go to Ankara, I definitely stop by Faruk Sade’s SiyahBeyaz (White Black) Gallery. 

The piece at the beginning of the fair catalogue must have moved those who know him. Under a photograph of his, it was written: “In memory of Faruk Sade’s life, his ever inspiring work and tremendous contribution to Turkish contemporary art.” 

One of the important sections in the catalogue, perhaps the most important one for me, is the chapter titled, “In memory of Faruk Sade.” 

In that section, Ali Güreli, Alev Ermiş Mavitan, Ali Kotan, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Erdağ Aksel, Güllü Aybar, Haldun Dostoğlu, Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Murat Artu and Nuran Terzioğlu all penned some words.

I recommend that you include this fair in your weekend program. Art lovers will be able to take the pulse of contemporary art thanks to the fair.