There are a lot of permanent candidates in Turkish elections

There are a lot of permanent candidates in Turkish elections

The mayoral elections are approaching. I observe movement within the parties. 

Mayors and council members are making an effort to explain their terms. If the party headquarters do not approve, mayors or permanent candidates also do not approve.

In my opinion, each post in politics should be for a limited period of time, as politics is a really difficult job. You must always be ready before voters and enthusiastic for the duty. You must compromise your personal and family life.

That is why I think a certain duration of time is best for a post. Otherwise, politics evolves into an occupation rather than a relay race.

In these elections, is it possible to choose from pre-elections or pre-surveys?

In the previous general election, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) tried the pre-election method but I do not think they obtained the result they desired. I support pre-elections, presumptive candidates should first be given a test within their own party organizations.

But I still have one comment.

It is not about these organizations. That is why political parties’ legislation needs to be regulated. It is difficult for party organizations to stand out from this density.

Yet, Turkey expects to see politicians who will bring quality to politics, who will change its course and present Turkey with a new perspective.

There is renewal in every parliament, but this should not be seen as enough. Methods like pre-elections and pre-surveys are done so as not to offend or upset the organizations. However, we should carefully think about who the lists satisfy and how much.

Certainly, everyone has a right to be a presumptive candidate. But the permanent candidates need to be sorted out as well.

Candidates gain importance when there are coalition parties

I do not know about other areas, but from what I have seen in the Aegean region, mayors want to be reelected. It is rumored that some districts of the CHP in İzmir may change. That is why the situation in the metropolitan municipality is waiting to gain clarity.

There is not much left until Oct. 1; İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu’s decision is awaited with curiosity.

In terms of İzmir, one should not forget this: In previous elections, the Nationalist Movement Party’s (MHP) votes had mostly gone to Kocaoğlu. MHP voters who vote for their own candidates in their districts supported Kocaoğlu because they saw him as a more powerful mayor for a metropolitan municipality. It was very clear in the voter turnout.

Now, the possibility of the “People’s Alliance” in the local elections is higher. The MHP may support Justice and Development Party (AKP) candidates in the three metropolitan cities. This might show us an interesting election process in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. If whether there will be coalitions becomes clear, then who the candidates are will gain importance.

What we should really focus on

This is how it is in Turkey: A lot of things happen but when there is a bit of a fluctuation in the dollar, everyone suddenly becomes more careful.

I got in a taxi and the conversation began and ended with the dollar. I asked the water delivery service “How is business?” The response started with the dollar and ended with the dollar.

I entered a store and after talking for a bit, instead of testing the product I wanted to buy, we tested the dollar.

In summary, this is the situation. As the currency rate fluctuates, so do our rates.

Exchange rates will ease. The important thing is to take realistic steps in the economy. We need to focus on production and exports. That is what our concentration should be on.