No tolerance for mistreatment of children

No tolerance for mistreatment of children

We should fight against the mindset that allows a three-year-old toddler to be forgotten on a school bus and then wants to cover up the error with many lies.

I will always keep this issue on my agenda.

As I write, I receive many messages. I see those who say: “We are taking precautions,” disappear immediately after a new incident occurs.

What I understand is that inspections are not done carefully.

Let us be sensitive and careful on this issue.

At daily Hürriyet, we are ready to forward your messages to authorities and report on the issues that go unnoticed.

We are waiting for your messages. When it concerns our children, we do not tolerate even the slightest mistake.

When the U.S. dollar rises against the Turkish Lira, there is restlessness. This is how it works in the country. Many worrying incidents happen but nobody speaks out.

But when the dollar rises against the lira, worries also rise. Yes, the dollar rises and it rises very high. I don’t even bother saying anything to those who say: “Our currency is the lira, why do you care about the dollar?”

A Successful Campaign

I receive many photos and messages from different places.

“Paint the western province of İzmir orange and say no to violence against women.” Speak about these and share your photos with these hashtags.

Almost every day, a woman is killed in Turkey.

Children are left without mothers and, of course, they are also left without fathers because they, the murderers, go to jail.

And the issue becomes a big societal problem in Turkey.

Of course, painting İzmir orange is a symbolic and short-term project that attempts to create awareness.

Hürriyet’s campaign against domestic violence has been going on for a long time.

Maybe local campaigns should join Hürriyet’s ongoing campaign at some point and become permanent.

We, at the daily Hürriyet, will continue supporting social awareness campaigns.

Reminder before winter arrives

Meteorology authorities make announcements before every winter. They say: “This year, we are headed toward a warm winter” or “We are headed toward a harsh winter.”

But in the past couple of years, they have been making announcements that we are headed towards the coldest winter of the past 50 years.

It is true that in the last two years the coasts of İzmir and the Aegean region have suffered cold weather.

And a couple of weeks later, we will start again to discuss the air pollution issue, which we repeat every year. Natural gas has come to İzmir. But it is still hard to breathe clean air in the city during the evening hours in winter.

Authorities, most of the time, make “illegal coal” announcements. But they cannot develop methods to prevent the practice. 

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