İzmir’s civil society leaders are also different

İzmir’s civil society leaders are also different

I don’t know about other cities in Turkey, but many of the representatives of non-governmental organizations in the Aegean province of İzmir meet every month to discuss the agenda.

This is called “meeting of the board of presidents.” This board features the heads of chamber of trade and industry groups, as well as the heads of professional chambers, important non-governmental organizations and federations.

In other words, we are talking about a board that embraces a broad church.

This is one of the reasons why I always cite İzmir’s perspective on democracy and its culture of coming together as an example that serves as a role model for other cities.

Recently we have heard much about how we as a society are very divided from each other. We tend to believe that we cannot join hands on social issues.

But actually we need to talk, have a dialogue and meet each other. We must keep discussing things even if we do not share the same opinion. That is the only way we can keep moving forward.

Maybe this İzmir board of civil society figures does not have an official identity and maybe those discussions in these meetings are difficult to turn into an official action plan. But the fact that so many such figures are gathering around the table is already a plus for İzmir.

They are all good people

On the subject of civil society, the Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Center Establishment Development Foundation (KİTVAK) has been a remedy for our children for many years. Up to now, hereby hundreds of little children have been brought back to life thanks to it.

KİTVAK shows the way for thousands of children and helps their families.

After all, it is not only the children that have trouble when they get ill. Together with them, mothers and fathers also have a very difficult time.

KİTVAK volunteers work day and night. They turn the impossible into reality.

On Dec. 18, one of their works - the Dokuz Eylül University KİTVAK Abdulrezzak Sancak Guesthouse - went into service.

 We must not forget the contributions of İzmir’s construction company Folkart Yapı, its General Director Metin Sancak, and its board member Mesut Sancak in helping to make this happen.

Kemeraltı should also be lively at night

The İzmir Chamber of Commerce restored the Başdurak Mosque and the stores underneath it, located in the Kemeraltı neighborhood of the city.

Recently we made a short Kemeraltı tour with journalist guests who came from Istanbul.

I still sometimes spend time in this neighborhood. But when we were children I remember that it was much more lively in the evenings than it is today. Now for some time it has seemed fairly quiet.

If you look from the airplane down to İzmir, Kemeraltı looks dark and unlit.

Kemeraltı should certainly be livelier in the evenings. If it is it will only be more beautiful.

Deniz Sipahi, hdn,