Difficult and heated election period looms in Turkey

Difficult and heated election period looms in Turkey

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) have reached an agreement in principle and announced they have forged an alliance for the local elections

But obviously these statements don’t mean the AKP and the MHP will nominate a joint candidate for each city and province.

There are provinces where the MHP is strong, while on the other hand there are regions which the AKP cannot give up.

Therefore, we need to wait for the details of the alliance talks that will be held between the two parties.

Having come out successfully from the June 24 elections, the truth is the alliance can get better results with joint candidates. This makes the competition in big cities even more critical. The situation for Istanbul appears to be clear. The MHP will be supporting the AKP’s candidate. This will most probably be the case for both the capital Ankara and Turkey’s third largest province İzmir. In return, the MHP will ask its own candidates to be supported in the western province of Manisa and the southern province of Adana.

One can add to the list other Aegean provinces like Balıkesir and Uşak, whose mayoral seats were won by the MHP in the past.

The other day, I attended the foundation-laying ceremony of Opera İzmir.

I believe a city should be renowned for its arts and sportive activities as much as it is with its economy.

That’s why I always supported the construction of the new opera building.

İzmir mayor’s mind is clear on candidacy

In the ceremony, İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu used a rhetoric differing from his past speeches.

He gave an overall answer to criticisms that have been on the rise recently.

And, in summary, the message he conveyed was “the locals of İzmir should stand by us.” Obviously we will understand what he means by that at his press conference on Oct. 1.

His close circle says Kocaoğlu is still undecided.

I think the opposite.

I think Kocaoğlu made the decision that he will announce on Oct. 1 some time ago and that his mind is clear-cut about it.

Therefore, this decision is important for a city like İzmir, which many are curious about.

I believe that rumors within the AKP will intensify around noon time on Oct. 1.

Different names within the AKP are being mentioned.

But I also believe that minds are clear in the AKP, which until this day had always made its forward planning and prepared itself to different scenarios.

Let me just say one thing: It is going to be a difficult election period.

Opera İzmir

The Opera of Paris finished in 1875.

The one in Vienna finished in 1869, Budapest in 1884, and the Milano Opera in 1778.

We are holding a foundation-laying ceremony for Turkey’s first real opera building in September 2018. Aren’t we very late on this?

I believe Opera İzmir will fill an important void. We have to earmark more budgets for arts and culture.

Art is equally important for a country’s development.