A 'Democratic Society' by the force of arms?

A 'Democratic Society' by the force of arms?

The “democratic autonomy” statement of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) is apparently a document open to discussion. And apparently, it tries to take the issue from armed contention and bring it to political ground.

If we are closing the year with this debate...If we want to have a better year than the one we are leaving behind, then we need to ask some questions of the DTK and Selahattin Demirtaş, the leader of the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

One: All right; let’s have the demands for self-governance and autonomy discussed by politicians instead of armed men...Is it meaningful to turn a blind eye to self-governance demands that have become politicized and also violent at the same time?

How can we have the two at the same time…

If your intention is to take it to the political ground and discuss it as a democratic demand, then it is your right.

But then shouldn’t you start by denying the “we declared it and it happened” sort of impositions?

Set aside the fact that you do not refuse unconditionally terrorism and armed struggle... How can democratic society and political solution be defended at a time when these impositions are being backed by the HDP?

Two: Who will believe your honesty; who will take you seriously when you continue to say self-governance was made by the people, not by the order of the organization?

You need to be a little bit serious...

Won’t they ask “Why did thousands of people flee villages instead of resisting in diches?”

Three: If the issue is about the sharing of authority between the central government and local administration... If you present the issue as a transfer of power to municipalities and strengthening local administrations...

Why do you support the game of “establishing cantons,” in villages like Cizre where you won the municipality by 80 percent? Is it not a contradiction that kills your justifications?

Why are you not against the fact that the authority of those elected is being high jacked by the force of guns?

How can you consent to fantasies and ambitious trials to lead Kurds, including youth and even children, to death? Aren’t you in denial of yourself?

My wishes vs my projections...

I sat to write about my wishes and projections for the new year.

My wishes have wings, so let’s fly away from this unholy year! My projections are telling me to stay calm and sit where I am.

I wish for spring to come to our mountains, valleys, streets...

My projection: A long, dark and complicated night like the ones in the North Pole waits for us. Terror will not let us have peace in our cities this year too. Let me say this is not my projection but my fear.

I wish a new constitution is drafted and the tension of the Presidency ends with a referendum...

My projection: Parties will not reach a consensus; the presidential system will not pass from the parliament. And the people will not have the final say.

I wish there will be a solution in three months to get rid of Bashar al-Assad.

My projection: Assad will continue to stay and make Syrians suffer.

I wish that the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is crushed.

My projection is that we will continue to have this trouble for some more time…

As you have seen to the degree my wishes are optimistic, my projections are pessimistic.

My biggest wish is that all my pessimistic projections become untrue.