Why the is level of politics dropping this low?

Why the is level of politics dropping this low?

In the past, the majority of those who oppose Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used to raise hell when they saw a bearded man and two headscarf wearing women; they would say, “Reactionism is here, reactionism.”
They would count on the military and say, “My commander, stop this,” and then would lay down in comfort. They used to cry shamelessly and defiantly, “Even if you receive the votes, you cannot be in power.”

The only slogan they knew was “No passage to the headscarf.” Wherever they saw a religious scene, they would immediately act on and attack.

Erdoğan fought against all of those people. He was in rage; he shouted; his voice was heard everywhere; he criticized everything.

Erdoğan had “perfect material” that made him continuously right and also in the position of being the victim. He did not need the smallest bit of imposing unnecessary criticism, ridiculing people’s gaffs, to lower the level, to challenge ethnic identities or sects.

However, now, he does not have the previous “material.” There is not one word to be said against Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu over religion, devoutness, conservatism, lifestyle, headscarves and belief. Also, there is not even one word to be said to Selahattin Demirtaş over democracy, headscarves, freedom of belief, being a white Turk and an elite.

Moreover, that enormous organism that we call “the state” is in Erdoğan’s hands, not the ones who want to trip him at all times.

When the situation is like this, Erdoğan, known for his rearing up, cries, shouting, with a high voice for the sake of maintaining his colossal reputation that he has earned on this field, who will he be angry at, who will he shout at, what will be the basis of raising his voice?

This is the reason why Erdoğan has brought the business in this last campaign to “I am a Sunni; you are an Alevi and he is Zaza.” That’s why he says, “He speaks three languages, he is said to be a professor…”

Or why he said, “I know the national anthem, he does not.” That’s why he said, “He was born in Cairo; he is not the son of these lands.”

You know what, if İhsanoğlu or Demirtaş would come out tomorrow and say, “Those headscarf-wearing women are everywhere,” or “We will close the imam schools,” then the level that is hitting the ground these days will immediately raise.

Erdoğan is unsurmountable

In the rally, Erdoğan said, “Who is Fethullah Gülen, who is he? He is a graduate of a primary school.” The crowd waved. You could hear the “boos.”

Erdoğan, again in a rally, said, “Who is Ekmel, who? What is he? They say he is a professor; he speaks three languages.” The same crowd waved again. And the same “boo” voices could be heard.

This Erdoğan is actually a super human being. He can have the same crowd at the same time boo both being under-educated and being over-educated.

I am asking, who can manage such a person?

Poetic justice

Erdoğan held a rally in Kocaeli, near Istanbul. He criticized İhsanoğlu for the blunders he made. About one minute after he mocked his rival for his gaffs, he mentioned the “Third Bridge,” saying, “You will set out from Kocaeli. You will cross the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and you will be in Asia.”


“Asia,” he said, “Asia.”

Come on now, he confused Asia with Europe.

Now, what will happen if somebody says now, “Look, you do not know where Europe is and where Asia is; how can you be president?”