The darkness that jails Kadri frees Fadıl

The darkness that jails Kadri frees Fadıl

Jailed journalist Kadri Gürsel did nothing wrong; he did not steal and did not kill. He is as pure as can be. He is only but only a journalist, but he is in jail under arrest. Just like other journalistic colleagues of his, he does not know what he is accused of because there is no indictment. 

Jet Fadıl is a controversial figure. He scammed many people through “residences” blessed by the “Robed Ahmet Hoca,” another controversial figure. He ripped them off so much that a group was formed called “victims of Fadıl.” He was arrested for fraud which has become a habit of his. But he was released. He, in turn, gave his first statement after release with a grin on his face: “The east should be supported in development.”

This snapshot of Turkey in which Kadri Gürsel is arrested pending trial but Jet Fadıl is tried without arrest gives these messages to our young people: 

Scam the people, treat them like fools but never think, speak, write, draw or be the opposition. 

Find a figure like the “Robed Ahmet Hoca,” mix religion and beliefs into your scams but never cite dangerous poems and the like.

You may be jailed for fraud many times but absolutely avoid going to jail even once as a journalist. 

You can be a Fadıl who leaves behind thousands of victims, but do not be a Kadri who does not even leave one victim behind. 

Do not be Ahmet Şık who writes and reports stories. Be a Jet Fadıl. Do not be Musa Kart who draws caricatures. Be a Jet Fadıl. Do not be Turhan Günay who publishes book supplements, but you can be a Jet Fadıl. 

Why is the AK Party so bad in this campaign? 

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has exhibited a low performance in this campaign period because they are anxious, because they want to say everything at the same time and because they continuously change strategies and tactics. 

It is also because Erol Olçok was martyred on July 15, 2016; as such, they now lack such a campaign manager. 

They cannot come up with the hardcore stuff as they used to; they are too busy consolidating their own grassroots. 

They also think “The more we are seen, the more effective we will be.” This time, they have not been able to come up with an epic, all-popular song. They have faced the nation with absurd slogans such as “Elections will be held every five years.” 

Their words are zigzagging between tough and soft. They are charging at the opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu so much that they have made a victim out of him. They are constantly changing their enemies; they are constantly on the defense. 

They pledge toughness and challenge, not stability and peace. 

Secret naysayers within the AK Party 

It is reported that there are naysayers within the ruling AK Party. It is said that they will cast “no” votes when they are in the voting booth. 

Being a secret naysayer is cowardice and displays a lack of character; it is hypocrisy, deception and proof of double-dealing. It is also treacherous.

Instead of bravely conducting a “no” campaign, unwillingly supporting a “yes” campaign can be no good for anyone. 

What now? 

It is reported that the Euphrates Shield Operation has finished. Well, didn’t they tell us the aim was Manbij?
The state of emergency will not be extended; nobody says it will. Well, didn’t they tell us that it was good? 
With the last statutory decree, not even one person was dismissed. Well, what about the pledges for a non-stop crackdown? 

A top manager of Halkbank was arrested in New York. Well, weren’t we told that the Donald Trump administration was friendly toward Turkey?