Out of pure spite, I will celebrate New Year’s

Out of pure spite, I will celebrate New Year’s

I go into a rage when certain people turn up their noses at sacrificing animals on the Feast of Sacrifice… 

I go into the same level of rage when certain people drop innuendos, say a thousand things and snap at our naïve and innocent people who plan to have a fun night on New Year’s, with snacks, pajamas and slippers, TV or something at home...  

How many times was it written, how many times was it uttered and how many times it was emphasized, I do not know… All in vain… Those who still do not know the difference between “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve,” stand up to protest, “A Muslim would not celebrate Christmas…”

Come on now. You still belong to that ignorant bunch who does not know the difference between “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve,” and who is not capable of ever learning it… Is it your job to pass along these heavy judgments? Mind your own business…

What does it mean to celebrate the “New Year?” It means having fun with a silly excuse like “A huge year is ending; a new year is beginning.” It is finding a reason, an excuse to have fun… What is wrong with that? Just smile and go… Why do you exaggerate? Why do you become fixated on that? 

The type of fun, its dose, its size; it is all up to the temperament of the person… Some might succumb to the toys of cultural imperialism; some might turn up their noses at those same toys. Some may refuse to be an object of consumerism; some may be its subject. Some might not credit, even slightly, “the turkey, the red, white bearded granddad;” some might be immersed in all that. What is that to you? Why do you care? 

Are you complaining by saying “But in these entertainments certain Christian motifs are being used?” Well then, sit down and think: Why isn’t everyone in the world imitating Muslim motifs but using Christian ones?

Don’t you have a say in that? 

Also, why are you so keen to turn an ordinary and lame celebration, persistently, into a clash of civilizations while you are so against the thesis of “clash of civilizations?” 

Why are you so keen to meddling in other people’s lives, while you are so against people meddling in your own life? 

Are you saying, “I am not in this game, bro?” Well, good, okay. Fine. Don’t be. Go then, do your prayers, cite God’s name in a ritual, worship, ruminate. Is there anybody meddling in what you will be doing or telling you what to do? Is there anybody telling you “On New Year’s Eve, you must have fun and eat turkey; otherwise you will be beheaded?” 

While nobody is meddling with you, what right do you have to meddle with others? 

Wasn’t she killed during a clash? 

The state told us: “Police raided Dilek Doğan’s house; Dilek Doğan was killed in a clash.” That was the official statement. 

Footage of the moment Dilek Doğan was shot during a police raid on Oct. 18 at the Doğan family’s house in Istanbul’s Küçükarmutlu district was released earlier this week by the family and its lawyers. 

The truth is far from what the state has told us.

So, what do we say now? 

We will say we should not believe blindly just because the state has said it.

State of Israel is Turkey’s friend

This has been uttered by ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesman Ömer Çelik. 

If the spokesmen of the Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP), National Movement Party (MHP) or the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) ever said such a statement, the social media trolls of the AK Party would have been attacking them immediately…

But when AK Party spokesperson says it, there is not even a slightest voice heard. 

When Ahmet praises Abdurrahim

Abdurrahim Boynukalın is the controversial former Istanbul AK Party parliamentarian who delivered a fiery speech addressing hundreds of protesters who attacked daily Hürriyet on Sept. 6. He has recently been appointed as deputy minister of youth and sports. He has been filmed defending the attack on the newspaper, praising it, and also implying that a good beating up of two journalists would do the job. 

During the AK Party Youth Convention on Sunday, Dec. 20, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu sat beside Boynukalın and they exchanged gifts.

When he is praising Boynukalın, is he trying to say, “Here, this is the exemplary person of our civilization?” 

Is he moved by his acts and saying, “How nice it was when you smashed glasses and doors?”

Is he winking at him and saying, “If you physically beat journalists, then, I will even appoint you a minister?”