No difference between the two photos

No difference between the two photos

A photo, taken from the film “The Pianist” depicts the pain that Jews went through during the World War II. The war was over; it was the end of Hitler. Russians had entered Berlin. It was a picture of Berlin at the moment it was a burnt down and destroyed…

The second photo was taken during the air and land campaign by the Israeli army against Gaza. In this photo, which was taken during the short-term truce between the two sides, you can see a burnt down and destroyed Gaza.

No words for those who destroy mosques?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are destroying the highly historic and symbolic mosques of Mosul. They have destroyed the mosque of the Prophet Yunus. They have also destroyed the mosque of the Prophet Seth. And they have done so while they were chanting “God is great.”

One cannot but ask: Maybe it was not the mosques, your deep concern? Was it something else?

Three reasons to be in Istanbul during the Bayram

First reason is that you kind of fly to Bebek from Nişantaşı in six minutes. You pass through deserted bridges. You walk along İstiklal Street without bumping into anybody.

Second reason is that whichever restaurant or café you step it, it is as if you have rented the entire venue to throw a private party for your own self and your friends.

The third reason is that in every step you take, in every breath you take, you remember the enormous crowds in Bodrum and Çeşme and say to yourself, “I’m so glad I stayed here…”

‘Hello, we are a police family’ 

My past six years have been full of letters and phone calls coming from families of the military. I have met with them, I have shared their pain and I have talked to them.

Now, my last two days have been filled with phone calls coming from family members of the arrested and detained policemen. They are calling and saying, “Look after us. We are victims.”

In this short span of time, I have met with families of victimized military members and families of victimized police. I just wonder: Which families will I need to meet and listen to in the next term?

What kind of mourning is this?

-    Here, take my assist pass, my dear prime minister, make it into a goal.
-    Give me the assist Acun, here is your goal
-    Ha ha ha…
-    Yılmaz, come to the defense…
-    Right, sir, Yıldırım, sir, I am coming.
-    Pass the ball to the prime minister, to the prime minister…
-    Acun, we need to make the chief score…
-    Yes, sir. I will deal with it now…
-    Oh, the chief has scored a goal.
-    Ha ha ha ha

Guys, if you were to have so much fun, then why did you declare a three-day national mourning period for Gaza?

Questions on the nature of public buses

-    Is it in the nature of public buses to catch fire and start burning in the middle of the road?
-    Is there a phenomenon in the nature of public buses that their doors do not open in case of an emergency?
-    Is it in the nature of public buses to cause its passengers to burn to death?
-    Are there any examples from history that explain the burning factor in the nature of public buses, as Paris of 1899 or New York of 1912?