Is Putin our friend?

Is Putin our friend?

What now? The person responsible for why the cruel man called Bashar al-Assad - even though he was transformed into “Esed”- still continued to rule, the person who has been the biggest guarantor of the Syrian regime, the biggest defense supporter of al-Assad even today, the arms supplier of al-Assad, the person called Putin; is he our friend now? 

Or is “our chief” teasing us by adopting pragmatic politics? 

Guys who are telling the epic stories of the “Glorious Syrian resistance” and at the same time salute “the chief,” could you please explain the situation to us so that we also draw inspiration from it? 

The fight against the ‘parallel’ has spun out of control 

I believe with all my heart that Turkey’s most important and biggest problem is the “parallel structure.”

You can fight against a political party that has won elections no matter how irregular that party acts, no matter how tyrannizing that party is and no matter how unlawful it may choose to be because that party is right there. You know where it starts and where it ends. It is visible. It is tangible. 

Well, is that “parallel structure” like this? It does not have a beginning; it does not have an end. It can be invisible, it can be in disguise. It cannot be held. It dares to use the powers it holds in its hands in favor of a clique; it is able to conduct secret operations within the state. 

Thus, it is the duty of the state to clamp down on such a structure, to fight it to the end within the law. Of course, while doing this it has to be careful, keen and sensitive. The principle of the individuality of crime should be respected. A huge community should not be declared guilty as a whole and beforehand. 

Whereas, recent practices showed, as it had happened in every other business, that the roughest, most intolerant and most vulgar methods are used in the fight against the “parallel structure.”

Jailing newspaper columnists, considering columns as crimes, arresting television channel managers, declaring that donating a “sacrificial animal” to a charity is equal to criminal activity, raiding schools and universities, etc… This is not the way to fight the “parallel structure.” This cannot be the way. These methods would only make the structure an underdog. 

Well, let me ask myself, this time, the frequently asked question: I wonder if those who crack down on the “parallel structure” with these vulgar, rude and intolerant practices are secret members of the “parallel structure?”    

They have everything 

Those who defame anybody who puts a little bit of a distance with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in their headlines as “traitors, enemies, crusaders;” those kind of people all belong to them.
To make headlines out of all types of lies, distortions and slander and make a full perception operation, those are all there. 

Even though news channel CNN Turk broadcasted from the beginning to the end the “A single voice against terrorism” rally, lying and saying they “did not broadcast it” is one of their jobs.

Describing an administrative working in a consulate as a “doyen diplomat” and making comical headlines such as “The doyen diplomat revealed: Aydın Doğan is a German spy;” this job also belongs to them. 

Death threats, instructing prosecutors and making lists of those who should be fired from their jobs; all of these belong to them. 

But at the same time, the job of overly exaggerating a tiny mistake in a giant media publication group and trampling on it with all their might, it belongs to them.

I pray to God, on this holy day, to protect us from their malice.