Impartiality of a headscarf-wearing policewoman

Impartiality of a headscarf-wearing policewoman

One of my readers commented: “A headscarf-wearing policewoman would be biased, because by wearing a headscarf she is declaring her side in advance.” 

Well my dear reader, if it is as you say, in other words, if a headscarf wearing policewoman is for sure going to be biased, then what is the guarantee that a non-headscarf-wearing policewoman won’t to be biased? 

Well, my dear reader, if it is as you say, in other words, if a headscarf-wearing policewoman declares which side she is on in advance, then a policewoman not wearing a headscarf is also declaring which side she is on in advance, isn’t she? 

“The normal, the usual is for policewomen not to wear headscarves and it is abnormal for them to wear headscarves;” is this what you are saying? 

Well, my dear reader, how come the right to determine what is normal and what is abnormal becomes your right? If a headscarf-wearing woman tells you, “Hey, it is me not you who defines and determines what is normal and what is abnormal,” what will you say to her? 

Are you going to blabber, “You would not understand this business,” or what? 

If you say so, then will you be able to continue regarding yourself, with peace of mind and a good conscience, that you are still a very contemporary, very democratic and very egalitarian person? 

Come; let us review the incident like this, my dear reader: 

Let us focus on the way the headscarf-wearing policewoman does her job and not on the scarf on her head. If she is being unjust, if she is violating the laws, if she is the signature of discrimination and if she is trying to give a hard time to those who are not like her…

Then we should get hold of her, just as we did and will do for policewomen who do this but do not wear a headscarf…  

Deciding on benchmarks

The Ergenekon trial was the first conspiracy of the Fethullah community, so why isn’t this date considered a benchmark of the “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization” (FETÖ)? 

The Sledgehammer (Balyoz) case was a conspiracy operation to devastate the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) What can be the reason why this is not considered a benchmark? 

Feb. 7, 2012, was the date when the Fethullah gang became so bold as to try to jail the undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT). Why is Feb. 7 not considered a benchmark? 

The video cassettes conspiracies that caused the political careers of Deniz Baykal and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputies can very well be considered as benchmarks; why not?  

Why are all of the above left aside and Dec. 17 and 25, 2013, the launching of the graft investigation, considered the benchmark? 

I know the reason for this; as a matter of fact, you also now the reason for this. And, actually, those who determine the benchmark also know. 

Whatever…. Whatever…. 

In a normal country…

The terror organization has gone astray. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is shedding blood. Our tanks have entered Syria… FETÖ is attempting to stage a coup d’état. Etc.
In a normal country, if only one of them occurs, life in that country would not be able to normalize in, say, 800 days. 

Here, in Turkey, as if it was not enough that life has gone back to normal, there are giant bridges being built and opened. 

I will not say, “Germany is extremely jealous of us because of the bridge we have built,” or anything like that, but I would like to emphasize that it is not so easy to underestimate all that has been achieved following so many disasters.