A short and open letter to Selahattin Demirtaş

A short and open letter to Selahattin Demirtaş

Dear Demirtaş,

In a statement the other day you said, “Peace requires courage.” It really does. Peace does require courage. 

Come on Demirtaş, be the one who takes the first bold step. Turn your face to the mountains and start shouting. Tell them to “Take your fingers off the trigger.” Tell them to “Stop treacherous murders.” Tell them: “You will be drowning in the blood you have shed.” Tell them: “You cannot defend my right by shedding blood.” Tell them: “I will solve it through politics; leave this to me.” Ask them: “Is the only thing you know to kill?” Tell them: “With each massacre you do, you are walking away from humanity.” Tell them: “How interested you are in killing.” Ask them: “What do you think you are doing?” Tell them: “If you shed one more drop of blood, you will find us confronting you.” Tell them: “We will not make you kill police and soldiers.” Tell them: “We will not make you fire bullets in heads.” Tell them: “We will not make you shed blood.”   

Make a very strong, very clear cry, without leaving any space for debate or gaps. Speak out of the box. Clench your fists; dare to burn bridges. 

Dear Demirtaş,

Unless you adopt a similar stance to the determined one you have shown against the government, against Davutoğlu, against Erdoğan, to the “mountains;” then your shine will fade, the number of those who lend an ear to you will decrease, the torch of hope you have kindled will go out, your credibility will cease. Take a note of this.  

Dear Demirtaş,

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. Be bold. Just as you said, peace requires courage. 

If Erdoğan wants war 

If President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan really wants war, and if he plans to increase the votes of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) with this method, then the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), with the attacks it carries out, with the murders it commits, is actually helping Erdoğan conduct his plan flawlessly.

Coalition barometer 

The latest indicators of the coalition barometer show that the possibility of an AK Party and Republican People’s Party (CHP) coalition is about 10 percent; the probability of an AK Party and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) coalition is about 10 percent and the probability of an early election is 80 percent. 

The reason why the barometer has started showing these percentages is first because Prime Minister Davutoğlu said, “No coalition will be formed without the guidance of the president.” Thus, the idea that “Erdoğan wants elections; Davutoğlu wants to form a coalition” has collapsed. The possibility of an early election has increased. 

Though it is a small possibility, there is also the one where an election government between the AK Party and MHP may be formed. 

Two peculiarities

Peculiarity number one is that there is an enormous conciliation, ties, joint stance, common trends between the MHP and AK Party but coalition talks are being conducted between the AK Party and CHP. Why is that so? 

The second peculiarity is that the motion filed to “research terror” has been rejected in the parliament by AK Party and MHP votes. While the AK Party and MHP are saying, “Do not research terror,” the CHP and HDP are saying, “Research terror.” What is this all about?

Öcalan and a stick  

Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan had an interesting claim. He said, “If Abdullah Öcalan got hold of these HDP members, he would chase them with a stick.” 

Dear Akdoğan, what about making a test of this? Let go of Öcalan, give him a stick and let us see whether he will chase them or not.