Unknown features of PM candidates

Unknown features of PM candidates

Today, with your permission, I will write about not-so-serious matters; for instance, the features of politicians that we do not know much about. 

At a time when debates are focused on “the profile” of the new prime minister, I will try to present different profiles of the possible candidates for the post.  

Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım  

His name was also mentioned in the period when outgoing PM Ahmet Davutoğlu was elected after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became president. He is a very successful transportation minister. His services are outstanding. He is known as one of the closest names to Erdoğan. The biggest controversy between them is football teams. One of them is a Fenerbahçe fan; the other is Galatasaray.

They are so close that in reply to President Erdoğan’s “If I knew you were a Galatasaray fan, I would not have made you a minister,” he would say, “Sorry, too late.” In a plane trip when the plane went into turbulence, Binali Yıldırım was calmly eating his meal. Erdoğan asked him, “How come you are so calm?” he has answered, “No plane is known to have remained in the air.” 

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ 

He has two degrees. As a graduate of the Theology Faculty, he worked as a preacher for some time – hence his eloquence. He entered politics after he finished law school. He trained himself while he was the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) group deputy chairman. He stood out as the justice minister in the fight against the parallel structure era. He was one of the two who verbally defended the AK Party together with Cemil Çiçek at the Constitutional Court in the party closure case. He is a Fenerbahçe fan and a real bookworm. 

Energy Minister Berat Albayrak  

The son-in-law of Erdoğan, Berat Albayrak has a brilliant education. He made a strong impression during Davutoğlu’s meeting with the U.S. business world with his English and his command of energy topics. He is a strong Trabzonspor fan; he loves football. Besides energy and international relations, he is also interested in history and literature. Well, he is the son of researcher-writer Sadık Albayrak. 

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş   

He is an experienced politician. When Erdoğan was the mayor of Istanbul, he was the head of Istanbul organization of the Virtue Party. He suffered in the Feb. 28 era together with his wife, Sevgi Kurtulmuş, working in the university headed by Kemal Alemdaroğlu. He was the chair of the Felicity Party and People’s Voice Party (HSP). Together with Erdoğan, they orchestrated the unification of the two parties. He is welcomed by crowds and a good public speaker. He likes to read political memoires. He has a rich library and is a strong Fenerbahçe fan. In his modest summer house at Çanakkale’s Lapseki resort, he plays volleyball with his friends. He likes to swim and fish. He has fishing gear and goes fishing whenever he finds the opportunity. He cannot be called a cook but he likes to barbeque. He is keen on what he wears and especially their ironing. It may be better that Mrs. Sevgi does not hear about it but he is reported to be a good ironer. 

Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz  

He has two degrees and speaks two foreign languages. He graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University and the Law School of Istanbul University. He is the defense minister during the time in which the fight against terror is the most intense. He has been the speaker of parliament. He loves to read and has a rich library. He is a Fenerbahçe supporter but Sivasspor lies close to his heart. Like any person from Sivas, he is interested in wrestling. He was also once a professional folklore dancer. 

Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu 

He is the only Beşiktaş fan among the PM candidates at the time when the team is marching toward the championship. We also need to add Bursaspor because Bursa is his constituency. He has served as a health minister for two terms and was the head of the Istanbul provincial organization for a long time. He was born in Western Thrace, in Greece. From time to time, he asks his vehicle to be pulled over to take a long walk. He does not like to use the elevator; he likes to ride a bike. He is also into music. If you start your medical career as an assistant to one of the masters of Turkish classic music, Dr. Alaattin Yavaşça, how could you not be interested in music?