‘Operndolmuş’ to be guest of Istanbul

‘Operndolmuş’ to be guest of Istanbul

‘Operndolmuş’ to be guest of Istanbul As part of the “Selam Opera!” initiative, realized by the Komische Oper Berlin, a group of opera artists will perform a series of concerts across Europe - on the route taken by Turks travelling to Turkey from Germany. 

Founded in 2011, the Komische Oper Berlin encourages an appreciation of musical theater among audiences of Turkish origin through the “Selam Opera!” initiative. 

The artists involved this year will hit the road on June 5 from Berlin in a minibus called “Operndolmuş” (playing with the meaning of the Turkish word for shared taxi, “dolmuş”). 

In collaboration with Goethe Institutes in Belgrad, Sofia and Istanbul, the Komische Oper Berlin ensemble presents not only a musical theater as a form of art but also the idea of “Opera Dolmuş” to people from every walk of life.  

Project official Mustafa Akça, stating that they would stop in a number of cities and give concerts during the tour, said the minibus would carry the musicians and all their materials. 

“The journey will start from Berlin and organize 45-minute shows in Munich, Vienna, Belgrade and Sofia, the cities on the route of Turkish workers who drive back to Turkey for their annual leave. The dolmuş is set to arrive in Turkey on June 6. We will return to Berlin after performing two shows in Istanbul on June 7 and 8,” Akça said.

“With the project we will try to reflect the experiences of workers during their journeys to Turkey. Our goal is to make people love opera,” he added.

The shows will feature music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Claudio Monteverdi, Georges Bizet, Pjotr Tchaikowski, Barış Manço and Nico Dostal. 

In Istanbul, the Operndolmuş concert will take place on June 7 at the Moda Stage in Kadıköy and on June 8 at Cezayir in Beyoğlu. Both shows will start at 6 p.m. and entrance is free.