Online poll debates Macedonia's name

Online poll debates Macedonia's name

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Online poll debates Macedonias name

Revelers, with faces painted with Macedonian flag colours, celebrate 20 years of independence in Skopje September 08, 2011. REUTERS Photo

A recent online polls asked users to decide whether “Macedonia” was a Greek name, drawing millions of users to its page.  

Over 2 million voters so far took their sides on the dispute, with 53 percent of the votes favoring the Greek argument and 46 percent against it.

Greece alleges that use of the name Macedonia suggests a territorial claim to the northern Greek province of the same name, while Skopje maintains that changing the name would be a denial of its own national identity and language.

The International Court of Justice had recently ruled against Greece for breaching its obligations by blocking Macedonia’s admission to NATO in 2008 because of the name dispute.

The dispute has continued for years and is yet to be resolved.  

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