One dead, one missing in flood-hit Ankara

One dead, one missing in flood-hit Ankara

One dead, one missing in flood-hit Ankara

A young woman named Busenur Doğanay, residing on a basement floor in Ankara’s Keçiören district, has died due to floods that occurred after a heavy downpour in the city, Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin has said, adding that the search for the missing person continues.

“The teams arrived here as soon as possible and made the necessary effort,” Şahin said. “But unfortunately, water went up to half of the ground floor and there was a sudden flood from the back of the building.”

Avenues and streets filled with water due to the heavy downpour, especially in Keçiören, Yenimahalle and Etimesgut districts.

In some areas, cars were stuck on the road and submerged in the water. Houses and workplaces located on the ground floors of the buildings were flooded. While citizens were trying to drain the water, firefighters began evacuation efforts.

“There was 20 kilograms of precipitation per square meter in 20 minutes. We have to take measures considering these types of events,” Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, adding that there was also a flood in the Haymana district.

“When such information comes from the meteorology bureau, we send a message especially to village headmen to make an announcement. However, there is no such opportunity in the city area,” Yavaş added.

“Water rushes over the asphalt roads and causes flooding,” the mayor said, reiterating that the infrastructure of these places will be completely renewed and feasibility is currently underway.

“On reaching a house that flooded due to heavy rains in Keçiören around 5 p.m., a woman was found dead,” Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said.

“The search for a missing person continues. Sorry for our loss,” he added.

In the northern province of Artvin’s Hopa district, the driver of a truck, which was under giant rocks after a landslide, has died, according to officials.

The truck parked on the side of the road was left under giant rocks that broke off the slope.

Upon the notification of other drivers, search and rescue teams, police and medical officials arrived and started efforts to determine whether there are more vehicles under the rocks.