Oil leak from Syria carries no risk to Cyprus: Turkish VP

Oil leak from Syria carries no risk to Cyprus: Turkish VP

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Oil leak from Syria carries no risk to Cyprus: Turkish VP

Turkey’s vice president said on Sept. 3 that pollution in the Mediterranean Sea caused by an oil leak from Syria is now only on the surface and carried no risk to Cyprus. 

Fuat Oktay and held a news conference alongside Turkish Cypriot President Ersin Tatar at the presidential complex in the Turkish capital, Ankara, where he said the spill began with a leak of fuel from a storage tank at a power plant near a refinery in the Baniyas region of Syria, recalling that Turkey also took immediate measures against the risk of oil hitting the shores in Cyprus.

“There were three marine vessels in Cyprus, and Turkey sent eight more, including trailers,” said Oktay, adding that the risk is gone for the moment.

“The view we see there is that pollution is now on the surface. Ee see that there is no pollution left to a very large extent, more piecemeal,” he said.

Referring to disasters that Turkey has faced lately, he noted that Ankara is pleased with the help and support received by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the fight against such tragedies.

“Our mobilization to search for our losses with all decency continues. Now, we have entered a period of intense healing of our wounds,” he said.

“All of the buildings will be rebuilt and delivered no later than one year,” he said, mentioning that Turkey has to be more prepared for such incidents from now on.

Additionally, he talked about the current situation in Maras, Cyprus.

Underlining that the TRNC has a right to open the “ghost town” to the public, Oktay said that Turkey has always supported the Turkish Cypriots and that will continue.

“Greek Cypriots aim to increase the tension,” he said, noting that neither Turkey nor the TRNC will remain with their hands tied toward the issue.