Nurses rush to save babies during quake

Nurses rush to save babies during quake

Nurses rush to save babies during quake

A video has come to light showing nurses rushing to protect newborn babies in the ICU of a hospital in Gaziantep during a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that rocked the country’s south and caused massive devastation on Feb. 6. 

In the moments when tremors were being felt, the nurses hurried to the incubator room where premature babies were being treated, the footage showed.

Despite the severe shaking, the nurses immediately rushed to prevent the incubators from tipping over.

“I did not even think of running away at that moment. My only thought was to save the babies,” said Devlet Nizam, one of these nurses.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared a video of another nurse at the same hospital on social media, showing her taking children outside the hospital at the very first moments of the first tremor.

Koca thanked the nurses for their bravery, who put their lives on the line to save those children during the earthquake.