Nine artifacts in Perge still seek sponsor

Nine artifacts in Perge still seek sponsor

Nine artifacts in Perge still seek sponsor

A sponsorship campaign initiated to restore columns and artifacts in the ancient city of Perge, which is located 20 kilometers from the city center of the southern province of Antalya, has failed to find support. 

Some 880,000 Turkish Liras is needed for the restoration of nine artifacts, including the South Bath, Roman Gate and fountains. 

In a bid to highlight cultural and historical values in Antalya, 2018 was declared “Year of Perge.” With the slogan “get a column erected in the ancient city of Perge,” the campaign aims to accelerate the ongoing archaeological excavations and restorations in the ancient city. 

As part of the campaign, the Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate has called for sponsors to support the campaign in Perge, from where thousands of artifacts have so far been removed and displayed at the Antalya Museum. 

To find sponsors for the artifacts in Perge, a list was launched in May this year, including the current photographs of the artifacts and the situation they would get after their restoration. 

There were nine projects on the list and the amount of money needed was 880,000 liras. 

The artifacts and the sponsorship prices are as follows: “100,000 liras for F2 Fountain, 25,000 liras for the South Bath, 100,000 liras for F3 Fountain, 5,000 liras for Tetrapylon, 45,000 liras for Macellum structure, 25,000 liras for South Bath Proplyon, 30,000 liras for the Roman Gate, 250,000 liras for Demetrios - Apollonios Arch, and 300,000 liras for the cover of the western Necropolis.” 

The names of the sponsors would be written on the Perge excavation sponsors plaque, officials announced. 

The officials also said a document would be given to the sponsors for tax refund after the approval of the expenses by the Treasury and Finance Ministry. 

Despite all works carried out by the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, no sponsors were found for the restoration of the nine artifacts. The Antalya Museum Directorate is still looking for sponsors. 

Perge was one of the most important Roman cities. It is a unique city, with a theater, stadium, towers, streets, a fountain, gates and a bath carrying its legacy.