‘Newly discovered cave may be 100 million years old’

‘Newly discovered cave may be 100 million years old’

‘Newly discovered cave may be 100 million years old’

A cave has been discovered in the southwestern province of Muğla’s Yatağan district, which scientists estimate may be about 50 to 100 million years old.

A team of expert scientists from many disciplines started research works in the newly discovered cave on a village road connected to the Yatağan district.

Scientists are examining the geological structure of the cave called “Sarı Otluk” in order to determine its age first.

The results of the research carried out in the cave and the geological structure were recorded, while it was stated that the size is 108 meters in vertical depth and 208 meters in horizontal length according to the first measurements.

Many university professors from different branches came to the region to participate in research to study the structures found in the cave, stated Tarcan Oğuz who discovered the cave.

“The academics who came to the region will take some samples from here and examine them in the laboratory. After the initial investigations, we will ensure that the cave is taken under protection by the authorities,” Oğuz explained.

Oğuz pointed out that there are many marble stalactites inside the cave, adding that they estimate that the cave has a history of 50-100 million years.

Providing information regarding the research inside the cave, Oğuz stated that the team carried out a quite meticulous study to prevent damage to the unique structures of the cave.

“Researchers can enter the cave with protective suits and oxygen cylinders. We also observed many different types of insects in the cave, as well as bats,” Oğuz noted.

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