New director at the Turkey's State Opera and Ballet

New director at the Turkey's State Opera and Ballet

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
New director at the Turkeys State Opera and Ballet

Selman Ada is the State Opera and Ballet's new general and arts director.

Conductor and composer Selman Ada has been appointed as the new State Opera and Ballet (DOB) General Director and General Art Director.

According to a written statement, Professor Rengim Gökmen, who had been in the post since 2007, was removed from his office because of his remarks against the draft law on the Turkish Art Institution (TÜSAK).

Many claim that the draft law will lead to the closure of current state art institutions, such as the State Theater (DT) and the DOB. Artists contend that the draft law will result in the closure of 55 state institutions and turn artists into unqualified or subcontracted workers. It would also give critical authority to 11 people to be appointed to TÜSAK by the Cabinet, which would secure added power to make wide-ranging decisions affecting national art institutions.

Turkey’s renowned opera composer and orchestra conductor Ada is the first Turkish composer to enter the world opera repertoire with his “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.”

The statement said he has also been appointed as the Presidency Symphony Orchestra General Art Director.

Ada, who has been composing music since the age of seven, has performed concerts and recitals in many countries. His operas have been staged in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia since 1968. The world premiere of his last opera “Aşk-ı Memnu” (Forbidden Love) was performed at the Mersin State Opera and Ballet in 2003.

Ada’s oratorios and operas have been translated into English, German, Flemish, and French. All of his works have been published in five languages by Strube Verlag München-Berlin edition.