New artists defining happiness

New artists defining happiness

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
New artists defining happiness

Works in the exhibiton depict the concept of ‘supermarket art’ and the monotone images presented in the art scene.

KİPLAS Employment Syndicate is hosting a new exhibition called “The View of Happiness” until the end of December.

The exhibition, which is directed by Burçak Konukman, hosts young artists such as Esra Albayrak, İrfan Dönmez, Ertan Aktaş, Engin Binbaş, Emre Aleattin Keskin, Nesli Sisli, İrem Kurt, Nuri Özçelik and Ülkü Coşkun.

Featured works focus on globalization and how it affects standardization. The works also depict the “supermarket art” concept and the monotone images that this trend presents in the art scene.
Viewers will have the chance to see a general view outside the mainstream art scene of Istanbul at the exhibit.

The exhibit also shows the Dada, surrealist and avant-garde trends of the past and provides commentary on the capitalist trend in the art scene.

Works shown at the exhibit also refer to consumer culture and how people become happier as they spend and consume in the modern world. However, Konukman also said people become conflicted with consumption.

The exhibition hosts artists who live outside Istanbul.