‘Nazi salute’ by students during football match sparks debate

‘Nazi salute’ by students during football match sparks debate

‘Nazi salute’ by students during football match sparks debate

A “Nazi salute” given by Üsküdar American Academy football players while celebrating their goal against the rival team from Ulus Jewish High School has sparked a nationwide debate.

On March 14, the Üsküdar American Academy football team had a face-off against the Ulus Jewish High School team in an inter-high school football match in Istanbul.

In a spur of the moment, as Üsküdar American Academy scored a goal against their rival team, the players celebrated the goal by collectively giving a “Nazi salute.”

The happening left the Ulus Jewish High School stunned, with parents confirming the incident, which ignited a nationwide debate as people took to social media to express their anger.

The Turkish Jewish Community’s social media account said that the issue is known to them and that both the school administration and the Presidency of the Turkish Jewish Community are following it sensitively and taking the necessary steps.

On March 15, Üsküdar American Academy officials made an apology statement over the incident, saying: “As Üsküdar American Academy, which has been raising generations since 1876, we are deeply saddened by the wrong action of one of our players in a football match against Ulus Jewish High School. We would like to emphasize that we stand against all forms of discrimination as part of our institutional and educational philosophy.”

“We have immediately met with the school authorities of Ulus Jewish High School, conveyed our regrets and initiated the necessary investigation. We announce with due respect to the public that we will follow the issue with sensitivity and consideration,” it added.