Museum identifies new Rembrandt painting

Museum identifies new Rembrandt painting

THE HAGUE - Agence France-Presse

A painting by Rembrandt that had long been attributed to one of his school is in fact by the 17th-century Dutch master himself, the Rembrandthuis museum in Amsterdam said on Dec. 2.

“We are 100 percent sure now that we can attribute the painting to Rembrandt,” Leslie Schwartz, a museum spokeswoman, told AFP.

She said the painting called “Old Man with a Beard” had up to now been attributed to “an associate.”

The 18.5-centimeter by 17-centimeter oil painting was done around 1630, at the end of Rembrandt’s stay at Leyden in the western Netherlands, she said.

The painting is owned by a private collector who prefers to remain anonymous and was given to the museum on loan.