Mozart’s life comes to ballet stage

Mozart’s life comes to ballet stage

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Mozart’s life comes to ballet stage

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One of the greatest musicians of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will be featured in a ballet work for the first time following a host of theater plays, films and books. 

“Amadeus,” which tells sections from Mozart’s short life that ended at the age of 35 in 1791, will make its world premiere on Dec. 29 at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet under the baton of orchestra conductor Naci Özgüç with the choreography of Nugzar Magalashvili and the libretto of Medeia Magalashvili. 

Mozart is played by Burak Kayıhan, İlhan Durgut and Kadir Okurer while his wife, Constance, is played by Özge Başaran, Sultan Menteşe and Güleycan Kocabey in the ballet. 

The role of Italian composer Antonio Salieri, who had admiration for Mozart throughout his life, is played by Durgut, Eren Keleş and Berkay Saraçoğlu. 

The Georgian choreographer of the ballet, Nugzar Magalashvili, said he believed in the healing power of Mozart’s music and that it was the starting point for the work’s libretto. He said they were mostly using parts from Mozart’s works as well as a part from Salieri’s “Re Minor Symphony,” and from Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki and German composer Alfred Schittke. 

Nugzar Magalashvili said albums by Mozart, who wrote all his works in a single sitting without making any mistake, had sold more than 2.5 million copies this year, breaking a record. 

“If the idea of ‘being a better person’ reaches people through ‘Amadeus,’ we will reach our goal, too. This work is important because there are small parts in some operas but no work featuring Mozart’s life has been made so far in ballet. This is the first one. It was made in Turkey and we will stage its premiere in Ankara.

Mozart’s operas are known very well. Actually, he made a few ballet works but since he did not find an exciting libretto, these ballets were forgotten through time,” he said, noting that while ballet was banned by Austro-Hungarian Emperor Joseph II in the last 18th century, it was included in Mozart’s operas. 

In the ballet, Salieri, who was close to the end of his life, watches the chaos on the streets of Vienna as people aimlessly waste their lives. Mozart’s music then begins to echo in Salieri’s ears and he begins to believe this spiritual music will save people from chaos and clean their souls, while also allowing him to come to terms with his past. 

In the process, Mozart’s father, Leopold, learns that the composer is spending his money on riotous living and comes to Vienna to stop it. This causes problem between Mozart and his wife, Constance, and ultimately results in Mozart kicking his father out of his home.

In the play, Mozart’s health continues to worsen, and he realizes that his life is drawing to a close around the time that he finishes his opera “The Magic Flute.” 

“The Magic Flute” is a huge success in its first presentation, but Mozart dies one day after a dinner that was organized by Salieri in his honor.

“Amadeus” can be seen on stage in Ankara until March 16, 2017.