Mount Nemrut film screened

Mount Nemrut film screened

ADIYAMAN - Anatolia News Agency
Mount Nemrut film screened A documentary on Mount Nemrut, prepared by the Adıyaman Provincial Tourism Directorate to promote the southern province of Adıyaman, was shown at a gala event on Dec. 4 at Adıyaman University. The documentary, titled “Tanrıların Göksel Tahtı Nemrut” (Nemrut, Heavenly Throne of the Gods), has been translated into five languages.

The film, directed by Gönül Er and produced by Kadriye Özden, was sponsored by the Silk Road Development Agency in order to showcase the city’s rich heritage for the world.

Speaking at the event, Adıyaman Gov. Mahmut Demirtaş said the city had tourism potential thanks to its poems, songs, exhibits, natural beauty, history and some of the world’s best folklore teams.

“Adıyaman has very important potential thanks to all these features. First of all, the city is home to the world’s eighth wonder, Mount Nemrut. There are also 176 structures from ancient periods such as Arsameia, the New Castle – formerly known as the Kahta Castle – Cendere Bridge, Karakuş Hill, the ancient city of Perre and the Besni Sesönk Tumulus. It is possible to say that Adıyaman is like an open-air museum thanks to its cultural offerings,” the governor said.

He said Mount Nemrut was most valued by the city during the Kingdom of Commagene, but was very important for the city’s – as well as Turkey’s – tourism today. “This is why the documentary is very important, to promote the city’s tourism and cultural richness to the world. This film will show the city in the best way.”