Micro drawings depict Istanbul and Anatolia

Micro drawings depict Istanbul and Anatolia

KONYA - Anatolia News Agency
Micro drawings depict Istanbul and Anatolia

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Turkish artist Hasan Kale, a master at creating intricate works on tiny objects, has opened a new exhibition in the Central Anatolian province of Konya featuring his depictions of Istanbul and Anatolia.

Kale paints on objects such as peacock feathers, crab legs, insects, fish scales and insect wings.

Speaking to Anatolia news agency, Kale said he was the only artist working on such small objects.
Noting that not everyone could do such art, Kale said, “While everyone is working with the microscope, I am working with the naked eye.”

Kale said he had drawn on 100 objects. “I will draw on a hair,” he said, adding that he also planned to depict Istanbul in a pin hole.

Kale said his aim was to reflect Anatolian culture and Istanbul in his drawings and added that he would also draw Ottoman emperors on beans.

The artist said his works had entered collections and that many art lovers had bought his works.
Kale’s works will be showing at the Micro Museum, which will be opened in İzmir. “The museum … will be the first micro object museum in Turkey. There is a micro objects museum in Kiev, Ukraine, but there are only micro sculptures at the museum. This will be first museum [of its kind] in the world.”

The artist said the İzmir museum was very important project in terms of culture and tourism and added that his projects were made on a long-term basis.

Kale’s exhibition in Konya is being organized for the 738th anniversary of Mevlana Jalaladdin Rumi’s passing.