Meteorologists warn of torrential rain in northern provinces

Meteorologists warn of torrential rain in northern provinces

Meteorologists warn of torrential rain in northern provinces

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a torrential rain warning for the northern provinces and has declared “yellow” and “orange” alerts for Giresun, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin.

According to the bureau’s latest weather report, torrential rains are expected especially in Marmara and Black Sea regions.

Meteorologists also declared “yellow alert” warnings for the Black Sea provinces of Giresun and Trabzon, and “orange alert” warnings for Rize and Artvin, warning citizens against the possibilities such as floods, lightning, landslides, and strong winds.

Other parts of the country are expected to be partly cloudy and clear, the bureau said.

The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) also urged citizens to be careful and cautious against the torrential rain.

According to the statement made by the bureau, it is estimated that the air temperatures, which are still 4-6 degrees Celsius (39-42 degrees Fahrenheit) above the seasonal norms in the eastern parts of the country and around the seasonal norms in the western parts, will start to decrease.

After the rain will ease and lose effect on Sept. 6, citizens may face high temperatures again, especially in the southern and western parts of the country, said the bureau.

However, by the end of next week, the air temperatures are expected to be 5-7 C (41-44 F) below the seasonal norms in the northern and inner provinces, and around the seasonal norms in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

Meanwhile, some 400 houses and workplaces were flooded due to heavy rains and storms in the northern province of Kastamonu.

Three people were hospitalized when pieces of a roof fell on their car due to the storm. Demirören News Agency reported that the injured were discharged after their treatment.

While the municipality and firefighters started work to evacuate the flood water, repair work was started on the building whose roof was blown away.

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