Mesir paste to become enjoyable for children

Mesir paste to become enjoyable for children

İZMİR - Anatolia News Agency
Mesir paste to become enjoyable for children

The company hopes that the Mesir paste will be available for everyone as a pill. AA photo

A company from the Aegean province of Manisa has made a pill from a local remedy paste called “mesir,” which was used as a medicine during the Ottoman Empire, in order to make it more widely used.

“The mesir paste healed the Ottoman sultans and has healed people for the past 471 years,” Macun Company engineer Zeynep Esin Ateş told Anatolia news agency.

“Mesir paste has been a medicine that Turkish people have used for a very long time. However, we know that some people cannot eat it because of its intense taste,” Ateş said. She said the company aims to make the paste enjoyable even for children. The company has made chocolate, candy and Turkish delights with mesir paste. “We are working to make the paste easier to use for everyone,” Ateş said. “That’s why we have created a pill form for the paste in order to reach every kind of consumer.”

The company put mesir paste into small bottles, Ateş said, noting that with the approval of the Celal Bayar University Chemical Engineering Department, they made mesir paste tablets. She added that the company had a patent for their products.

Ateş also said eating two bars of mesir paste could replace taking a vitamin everyday.

The paste is known worldwide, she said, adding that the company already had foreign distributors.