Merkel races to shore up power

Merkel races to shore up power

BERLIN – Agence France-Presse
Merkel races to shore up power

Chancellor Angela Merkel called Jan. 26 for a quick end to the last stretch of tortuous negotiations to forge a government for Germany, in a race against time to stop her power slipping away at home and abroad.

As she arrived for the final round of talks with potential partners in her fourth government, the Social Democrats, (SPD) she said the country and Europe could not afford to wait much longer.

“We will see to it that we negotiate quickly,” Merkel told reporters.

“I think people expect us to move toward a government and that is why I am entering the talks optimistically and with determination.
“It’s not only about a fresh start for Europe but also for Germany.”

The SPD had last week only narrowly voted to launch formal coalition negotiations with her conservative alliance on the basis of a preliminary deal hammered out earlier this month.

However the outcome of the talks gathering the SPD as well as Merkel’s CDU party and Bavarian CSU allies is far from certain.

Stung by a record low score in September’s elections, the SPD is torn internally on whether it should once again govern under Merkel.