Media outlets need to pursue the truth: Doğan chair

Media outlets need to pursue the truth: Doğan chair

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Media outlets need to pursue the truth: Doğan chair

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Doğan Holding Chairperson Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı has underlined the crucial link between social development and freedom of expression, noting that media outlets must always pursue the truth, in a speech at the Uludağ Economy Summit on March 26. 

“As we all know, social development faces hurdles if there is no freedom of expression and thought in a society. Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark top the social development index. In the human development index, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Finland rank top. These countries are also the best in terms of enhancing freedom of the press. This is no coincidence as societies can only improve if there is free thought. Here, media outlets have huge responsibilities,” Faralyalı said at the summit in the northwestern province of Bursa. 

She noted that media outlets can make a great contribution to society only as long as they act in line with moral values. 

“The media needs to be fair and to have a conscience. Media outlets need to chase after the truth. They must show respect to personal rights and freedoms and have economic independence,” said the chair of Doğan Holding, which owns the Hürriyet Daily News. 

Faralyalı also noted that many media outlets’ method of producing news played an unfortunate role in deepening social polarization in Turkish society. 

“Hateful speech, othering, and similar moves cannot be acceptable for our society to move forward and to welcome a brighter future,” she said. 

Faralyalı also noted that a total of 16 basic sustainable growth targets were defined by the United Nations after a two-year study, adding that a global business council was established to develop projects in a bid to make sustainability a main target for companies rather than a social responsibility project. 

The council’s works, in which Faralyalı also plays a role, will be launched at Davos in 2017.